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Environment Essay

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Importance of the environment

First, our instructor has placed a topic for us to present, on the topic of importance of the environment. Environment are all living and non-living things that occur naturally in the earth's surface. Environment plays an important role in our daily life. Unpolluted environment gives us a comfortable and cozy atmosphere. In addition, to provide comfort to human development activities to some extent affect the environment in the country if we do not properly cared for. Good hygiene practices are all religious claims. Clean environment important to create a healthy and prosperous life.
Clean environment allows us to breathe fresh air. Clean and fresh air is ...view middle of the document...

In addition, the forest is an important aspect for the accumulation of water in the dam’s equipped advanced technology. This will enable us to produce hydroelectric power as an environmentally friendly energy and will reduce dependence on fossil energy like petrol and coal are destroying nature. In general, the environment is natural for a man claims to guarantee a comfortable life.

Conservation of the environment is very important to prevent the extinction of flora and fauna. The environment is home to flora and fauna. Both play a major role in maintaining the natural and both are intertwined with each other, the biodiversity of flora and fauna that cannot be separated. Flora is a great variety of fauna protection from the evil of another human or animal itself. Extinction of one of them will affect the natural cycle. Unplanned deforestation will cause the weather becomes hot and dry. This will affect the growth of flora and fauna. Conservation of the environment is essential to avoid extinction.
A clean environment can also prevent insect breeding. Dirty environment causes the breeding of pests that can threaten human lives. For example Aedes mosquito can cause deadly dengue fever. Additionally, a dirty environment will bring a lot of flies. Flies that carry germs will attracted our food. This will cause affected human health such as diarrhea and vomiting. Therefore, environmental hygiene is essential.
The beauty of the environment will also attract tourists to visit our country. Beautiful and clean environment able to attract more tourists from abroad or local people to travel to the country. Through tourism, we can increase national income through foreign exchange. In the long run, economic growth will also increase. Through such activities will also increase employment opportunities and indirectly helps to reduce the unemployment rate in our country. In order to develop the country and improve the standard of living, care for the environment is the responsibility of society.
In conclusion, we must be aware of the importance of preserving the natural environment that still exists today. These efforts foster public awareness of the importance of the environment continues to be committed by various parties in the country such as hygiene campaign, camping environment for youth, seminars, workshops, exhibitions, media and publishing promo print materials. Everything is to increase knowledge, awareness and participation of the public in order to preserve the environment. Environmental conservation is a shared responsibility. Each generation must participate to sustainable development that can be enjoyed maintained until the next generation.

Environment is very important to all creatures including human. It covers all aspect in life and without it, we cannot live. Soil, water, food and many more are required for us to survive in this world. All of these resources can be used for development of human being. It can be in term of for...

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