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Environment Effect On Learning Essay

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Environmental Influence On Intelligence
College 100
American Public University
Jane Herder

Human intelligence is not only difficult to measure, but it is also difficult to define. For centuries countless studies have been done to determine whether nature or nurture has the most influence over Human Intelligence. Nature refers to traits that are genetic and inherited, and nurture refers to environmental influences that occur after birth. While there is evidence to support both sides, it is important to look closer at how environmental ...view middle of the document...

" (Lang,1995). Without a solid foundation, it is impossible to expect human intelligence to reach its potential. While the genes in which a human being inherits can’t be modified, the progress and level of human intelligence can be. Healy states “Activities, lifestyle choices, and curricula change both brains and genes — for better or worse. They can nudge a child’s development toward more or less ready, and even cause or prevent learning disorders.” (Healy, 2011). This gives substantial proof that in the right environment, human intelligence can be improved and increased. It is the quality of environment that shape human intelligence and determine how far it will progress.
Many researchers are finding that while genetics do play a role in human intelligence, the environmental influences are what continue to have the most impact on where human beings are headed and what the future might have in store. Anderson argued, “Environmental influences would include phenomena such as family dynamics, linguistic and cultural preferences, religious observances, and place of origin. Many in research place a great priority on what happens in early socialization that occurs within the family, as well as the immediate and wider culture a child is exposed” (Anderson, 2009). During the first few years of life is when it is most crucial to encourage and motivate a child. During this time a child begins to develop patterns that will stick with the child through out their entire life. The experiences children have starting very early on set the stage for how well they will do for years to come. If they are provided a with positive, structured and stable environment that encourages learning this will build a strong foundation that will have a lasting effect for...

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