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Environment Friendly Office Essay

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Save the environment

Many people who use computers whether it's for their home or business are moving toward a "paperless" office. Individuals are becoming overwhelmed by scraps of paper, and unorganized file folders, we are simply looking for ways to reduce clutter. Many organizations and institutions have at least made a partial move to a paperless office. They are doing so by; using scanners instead of copying machines, sending electronic faxes instead of paper faxes, and storing information electronically instead of in filing cabinets. It would be a myth if most people believed it was possible to go completely "paperless". Technology is available now to make a paperless office ...view middle of the document...

Individuals and corporations need to understand that a paperless office will not occur overnight. It is important to understand that this process will become work in progress. You may start out by scanning all of your receipts, and then expand to include all general business documentations. Initially, it may seem that you are creating more work instead of less, especially if you are running a business.

Just because an office or corporation claims to be paperless, it is likely to have some paper still floating around the office. I do not believe that all clients or customers will want to be billed electronically. Although, you can virtually eliminate paper faxes by generating faxes on your computer and having in-bound faxes delivered to your computer system. In my place of employment, my e-mail is set-up with an electronically sign or signature stamp on outgoing documents.

In a business or corporation, everyone needs to buy into the transition to going paperless. Human beings are creatures of habit, and many individuals naturally resist change. There will naturally be somewhat of a initial learning curve, people will have to understand how to use new software and learn how to deal with a completely new environment which they never have become accustomed to.

Some individuals and corporations may have a misconception that going paperless is too expensive. In reality, the cost of equipment to make a small office paperless has come down drastically. Good flat bed scanner can be purchased for less that $75. Many corporations already have high speed copiers/scanners within the organization. In my opinion, the most expensive part of a...

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