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Environmental And Consumer Influences Analysis

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Environmental and Consumer Influences Analysis
Nikki Casalena-Pogue
March 19, 2012
April Ward

Environmental and Consumer Influences Analysis
People should not be pigeonholed into one or two categories therefore companies have to expand their brands to fit into the lives of consumers. People are unique and so are the preferences of each man and woman. A product, such as laundry detergent, that so many consumers use, the manufacturer has to expand that product to suit the various needs and desires of the consumer. Many factors influence the purchase of a product: psychological factors and social factors. Along with external factors that affect ...view middle of the document...

The brands’ product factors into the purchase along with the family and that means consumers want to make sure the product is safe for his or her family because family is important to the consumer.
The social factors are terms used to understand and explain how the thought, feeling, and behavior of individuals are influenced by the actual, imagined or implied presence of other people (Cherry, What Is Social Psychology?, n.d.). Social factors that influence consumer behavior toward a product or service are attitudes and perception. In the past, social awareness by consumers involved primarily pollution and environmental issues. Nowadays, the socially aware consumer looks at a wide range of issues, including diversity, eco-friendly manufacturing, greenhouse gas emissions, and humane treatment of animals (Chapter 8: Socially Conscious Consumerism, 2008). The attitudes the consumer takes on the brand and manufacturer are significant. Consumers may choose to or may not to choose to use Proctor and Gamble products, such as Tide or Gain because the manufacturer is still testing their products on animals (Companies That Still Test on Animals, 2012, Household Care, 2012). Consumers are empowered when they go to the store to purchase the detergent for his or her family. Each consumer has buying power and that power determines which brand is worth the money he or she has earned. People do not typically just buy based on name recognition alone, there are a few more reasons behind a purchase, such as emotions, replacement, or empathy. Probably the most important factor differentiating emotions from moods and attitudes is the way emotions arise (Bagozzi, Gurhan-Canli, & Priester, 2002). All of these reasons allow a personal perception of the brand to affect the purchase.
Perception is a process that uses previous knowledge to compile and interpret the stimuli registered by our senses (Bagozzi, Gurhan-Canli, & Priester, 2002). Consumers can look at the brand of detergent and decide on the purchase but the purchasers’ perception of the price can weigh in on and affect that decision. Price perceptions are how consumers view and judge prices. These perceptions help a consumer determine the attractiveness of a market price is determined by comparing it to an internal reference price (Bagozzi, Gurhan-Canli, & Priester, 2002). Consumers want to know the money they are spending on laundry detergent is fair and reasonable. A consumer has several factors that influence his or her perception. Attitudes, motives, interests, experiences, and expectations affect the perceiver. Novelty, motions, sounds, size, background, proximity, and similarity affect the item targeted and the situation a person is in when perceiving is affected by time, work setting, and a person’s social situation (Chapter 5: Perception and Individual Decision Making, n.d.). Perception is relative and subjective to outside influences.

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