Environmental Catering Essay

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Environmental Catering

Table of Contents

* Introduction

* The process and its environmental factors

* Impacts on the environment

* Solutions(strategies, toolkits and patents)

* Conclusion

Our life become more and more hectic and time is a valuable factor of life. People cannot afford anymore to cook their own meals, it is important to have food fast and cheap at work, at school and at social events. This is why catering has become multibillion dollar industry, giving job for thousands of people.
Catering is a business of providing foodservice at a certain site such as hotel, school, ...view middle of the document...

A high-scale business conference demands culinary valuable food and quality tools (cutlery, dishes, etc.)
Tools of low-scale are on a higher level of recyclability, referring to paper dishes and plastic cutlery, while high-scale tools are considered as reusable long-term investment. Glass, metal cutlery and china dishes involves the use of more cleaning agents used.
Catering industry depends closely on other industries and is often considered as a part of hospitality industry.

Related business factors are:

* Food production industry (involving agriculture, cultivation and processing)

* Packaging industry

* Transport industry

* Waste management industry

It is important for catering companies to choose these partners wisely and prudently because it infects their business as well.

What to use during the process

The main fields where company managers have to evaluate and choose are:
* choosing commodities
* transportation
* handling and recycling of by-products and waste
* the use of chemicals
The choice of environmentally beneficial solution is very important as catering service has a big environmental footprint. This industry has grown so big that it has a great environmental influence for the entire world. For catering services the core criteria focuses on organic food and waste minimization. Comprehensive criteria focus decides the use of paper and cleaning products. The use of integrated production system is necessary, as it involves the integration of livestock, crops and agriculture, providing reports, databases and information systems on integrated activities.

* Choosing commodities
Choosing commodities is not only an efficiency question however it has a great impact for the company’s image and social judgment. Modern day model emphasizes the use of organic food at least partially, while in some countries companies are forced to use organic material. It is important to use products presenting appropriate evidence of meeting relevant national standards in a high animal welfare standards.
Packaging should meet the standards as using more than 45% of recycled content based on renewable raw materials supplied in non-individual portions.
Appropriate penalties will be applied for non-compliance of above mentioned standards.
Most modern food service companies apply the model, “food is fuel for the body” meaning combining meals to make your body run at peak efficiency. Good nutrition is essential for doing your best at work or college life. Right amount of protein, carbohydrate, vitamins, fat, minerals and water is essential to maintain your weight, health and productivity.
Choosing the right commodities is not only economically important, but a high responsibility as well. Companies are responsible for consumers as well as suppliers. While “food fuel” concept is for consumers, the idea of “fair trade” is...

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