Environmental Ethics Essay

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Environmental Ethical Issues

By definition, environmental ethics refers to the discipline and exercise that guides the exploitation and interactions of human beings and their nonhuman subjects. Many traditions around the world evolved with individual based ethical appreciation of the environment as natural resources and coexistence with other humans was seen as a fundamental norm; thus propagated from generation to the next. The eruption of industrialization in the now new world led to dramatic transformations in the way people interact and use nonhuman environmental elements. Human beings devised discriminatory uses of natural resources as well as establishment of what is ...view middle of the document...

Environmental ethics was recognised as a different field from law, as there are some human activities that may be legal in the face of the law but may be at unethical when viewed from the point of environmental sanctity. Generally, the revelations and insights provided by Rachel Carson in her instrumental writing as regards to some chemicals like DDT were accumulating through food webs and orchestrating ecological instabilities, ignited the zeal for new mode for environmental protection.

The current concerns about emerging diseases in wild animals, plants and humans is based on the understanding three decades ago which prompted thinking in terms of ecological safety. The ecosystem refers to human beings and their non human neighbours; who initiated the philosophy underpinning eruption of human rights and conservation activists. At this point we see an evolution of movements in the late 60s, with and civil rights movements all geared towards creation of a new world order; insisting on new visions of justice and reforms for better legal structures (Light &Rolson, 2003, p. 18). This new understanding simply implied that basic reforms were necessary for society to understand the significance of nature and for social institution to guide the society in the right direction.

Although literature has reported rapid development of the field of environmental ethics in the last thirty years, current information reports laxity in influence of the doctrine in impacting legislation encompassing environmental restoration and preservation at a global scale. Currently, it is very unfortunate that day to day legislation does not consult guidance of environmental ethics.

Environmental ethics has drawn a handful support from few the developed countries where development policies are integrated with environmental impact assessments. Information addressing the plight of environmental issues is hardly read by policy makers; which pushes it far from economic policy formulation issues. The current trend of misuse of environmental...

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