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Environmental Factors Essay

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Environmental Factors


The company that I chose to write about is Toyota, and the reason why I chose this company is because Toyota conducts global and domestic marketing in a way that no one else does. What I have done is analyze the influence of global economic interdependence relating to Toyota; I have determined that Toyota’s global economic interdependence is essential to maximizing sales revenues by focusing on both purchasing vehicle parts and materials from certain countries and increasing the market share in each country and region in which they do business in. Toyota must also consider the fact that they need to target the specific groups and classes of people ...view middle of the document...

When analyzing the influence of cultural difference, I found that the Japanese culture may be holding the company back from meeting the necessities and welfare of the United States consumers. These consumers are affected by the sticking accelerator problems, and that is not good for the customer. The Japanese are not imagined to have knowledge of mistakes visibly as readily as are Americans, and their businesses do not exercise any kind of transparency in the same way expected of United States firms. The Japanese have built all of their accomplishments on the art of reproduction; not the art of origination.
When I examined the importance of social responsibility and ethics versus legal obligations relating to Toyota, what I found was that according to Toyota before the recall claims started in 2003 regarding the gas pedals sticking stated that, Toyota had looked for harmony between people, society, and the global environment, as well as the sustainable development of society, through manufacturing. Since its foundation, Toyota has continuously worked to contribute to the sustainable development of society through provision of innovative and high-quality products and services that lead the times. These days Toyota is facing the agonizing solidity of the no protection as just another dishonest automaker that, whether through stupidity or greediness puts many of its customers behind the wheel of what could potentially be a deathtrap. It was also found that new shocks that the company knew about the faulty gas pedals for years before taking action and doing something about it are all of the more shameful because Toyota had a long-lasting status not only for business aptitude but also for social accountability.
Next, I analyzed the effect of political systems and the influence of international relations relating to Toyota. Toyota has not made any campaign charities in the United States. In the present years, its influence at home is far from producing consequences. Toyota contributes funds to the liberal self-governing party, which endorsed the party's electoral success back in 2005. However, Toyota's main employment coalition, The Federation of All Toyota Workers Union, has confronted the credibility of the company's strong ties to the Japanese government.
Last but not least, I analyzed the...

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