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Environmental Forces Promoting Social Change Essay

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Environmental Forces Promoting Social Change
Denise Rehana
SOC490: Social Science Capstone
Instructor:  Lynn Lunceford
November 29, 2010

Today the ideal illustration was brought to my attention, which left me contemplating upon this inquiry. What environmental forces promote social change? The example unexpectedly came from one of my After School Program femal students, who placed a note in the question box. I recognized after evaluation of the note that most students of her age are beging to speculate about social and gender questions. Her question read “Why boys are more open to acknowledge one another and girls are occasionally shy?” This notifies as much about her own traditions ...view middle of the document...

Social change is defined as “Significant alteration over time in behavior patterns and culture, including norms and values” (Schaefer, 2009, p. 425). It is also explained as socical process whereby the valuus, attitudes, or institutions of society, such as education, family, religion, and industry become modified. It incorporates both the natural process and action programs initiated by members of the community.
If social changes of such micro/specific things as individual outlook or family morals, can be changed by outside forces, then so can macro/gerneral institutions such as businesses or corporations, organized religions, the education systems we learn from K-12, as well as post secondary, and technical or other schools, or even government. Who places these changes into action? Is one stage of change more essential than the other? Can a single person transform the world? Can the social forces in the world transform a human being? The situation on these questions would be one of cultural relativism, where the alterations would need to be observed through the lens of the cultural society in which it takes place. For example, American culture is comparable as well as different than the European culture; alike because they equally draw form Western standards, teachings, and practices, as well as comparable democratic governmental roles, but different because the self-governing states within Europe vary in culture, traditions, language, and local values than does the United States.
According to Cousins(2008), European life needs to stay diversely respected and the European Union (EU) should participate in peacfully supporting that uniqueness at all levels as society evloves and changes, keeping in mind that nationalism and religious diversions are two major factors to overcome (para. 1,3). Cousins concludes that the SEPE (social, economic and political evolution) of Europe cannot be completely compared to natural evolution, saying (regarding mankind) that “natural evolution has needed neither his knowledge nor his consent. Unfortunately, his peaceful, social, economic and political evolution requires both” (2008, para. 5). This articulates of cultural and institutional education and personal principles being in harmony with the apparition. Furthermore, a “Peaceful Unification of Europe” is dependent upon overcoming a host of issues (2008, para. 27). With 27 member States, a lot of of which have, in result, been enticed to join; an astonishing 785 MEPs, traveling like a circus between tow almost useless Parliaments in two different countries; 23 official languages; mountains of surplus food in a semi-starving world; secret budgets that for 13 years the auditors have refused to sign; just one democratic vote every five years; widespread fraud; and a Constitution that is being forced upon us, it appears to be a circumstance that will take years to correct if the EU does not fall apart before then, have we not learned nothing from...

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