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Environmental Friendly Products Essay

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Executive Summary

During the past few decades, concern for the environment has increased significantly and, at the same time, people's values and attitudes towards nature have changed substantially. As far as consumers are concerned, however, many research results have shown that environmental awareness has more to do with political and technological factors than genuine concern for nature (Tuohino 2010). In other words, there is an absence of environmental ethics as consumers do not transfer their environmental beliefs into their consumer behaviour.
This paper presents the results of a survey made from 979(approx.) interviewees from Australian nation-wide. The purpose of this report is ...view middle of the document...

The analytical process from the data collected will help the marketers improve their marketing plans, in terms of products designing, advertising, and post-purchase services.
1.2 Scope of the report
This research will gather approximately 979 questionnaires which focus on consumers’ views on their attitudes and experiences to environmental friendly purchase and other behaviours. When conducting the qualitative and quantitative research, any questions involved in the report will only be related to the interviewee’s perception and personal opinions, rather than exact judgments (right or wrong) to some existing issues. The collected data will be deeply analysed to demonstrate the relevant factors that impact consumers’ Environmental friendly behaviour.
1.3 Research problems

The research questions must be feasible, clear, worthy of investigation and ultimately link to the research objectives. The research problem in this report is to predict the motivate factors that impact consumers’ environmental friendly purchase behaviour.
1.4 Aims and objectives

The aim of this report is to identify the antecedents to environmental consumer behaviour. Specifically, it will be:
1. To identify the impact of individual values (specifically materialism) on environmental consumer behaviour
2. To identify the impact of social values on environmental consumer behaviour
3. To identify the impact of price on environmental consumer behaviour; Understand how values influence environmental consumer behaviour
4. To identify segments within the market for environmental products

2. Methodology

2.1 Methodological considerations and assumptions

This research was written based on the date gathered from a qualitative research which was carried out previously. The initial exploratory research stage clarified the nature of the problem. It also obtained a greater understanding of the research problem. Most importantly, it informed possible alternative designs for the quantitative stage. From the quantitative stage, this report will identify two groups of variables, which are materialism and social values, in order to find the variables that may have a stronger relationship with the dependent variables.

2.2 Sample considerations

The target audience of this research could be any people living in Australia. They must be literate in English-reading. Also, all of those respondents are likely to be the close friends or relatives of the students who are currently studying AMB201 in summer semester. However, other issues like gender, marital status and current geographical positions were randomly collected in this research.

2.3 Data collection and framework, and analytical considerations

This report was employing a survey method in which information is gathered from a sample of people using a questionnaire. The convenience sampling method was used, which is one of the non-probability techniques, “refer to sampling by obtaining the people or units...

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