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Environmental Impacts Of Industrialization Essay

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The early 1800’s were a time of industrial breakthroughs. The industrial revolution, as it was called, multiplied man’s productivity, and in return multiplied man’s ability to wreak havoc on the environment. The industrial revolution forever changed every feature of human life, and people’s relationship with the earth. The industrial revolution began in Great Britain then flourished in North America where coal was not the only recourse exploited, oil and gasoline became major resources in the industrialization. The revolution had its problems, but were not fully recognized until the 1960’s. When coal is burned, the driving force behind the revolution, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, ...view middle of the document...

China’s more than 4,700 underground water-quality testing stations have reported that approximately three-fifths of all water supplies are “relatively bad” or worse. Approximately half of rural citizens do not have access to drinking water that can meet international standards. The rampant pollution is staring Chinese officials in the face and they’re just ignoring it. The industrial revolution of china has launched them to the forefront of world economic prosperity, but in return they sacrificed the health of their water supply.
China’s land is also under attack by its own industrial revolution. In china the course from farm to table starts in small villages. It’s in the Chinese agricultural heartland where you find one of these small villages, Chenjiawan, in the province of Shanxi. In Chenjiawan, you will find the farm of Ge Songqing. Food from her and her neighbors’ fields will end up on her and eventually others tables. Sadly there is a problem, the fields are surrounded by factories pumping out toxins into the air and into the water used to irrigate those exact fields. Heavy metal levels in the water are among the highest in the entire country, soils are feared to be contaminated as well, although there is no scientific proof. With awareness of China’s environmental woes on the rise the government has taken action and done testing on soil samples throughout the region, but has not released any findings which is just adding to the fear. Add to that a report by the vice minister of land and resources, Wang Shiyuan, came out saying that 8 million acres of farm land “should not be farmed”. Including the 8 million acres another 50 million acres of land, one sixth of china, is polluted with heavy metals. Scholars say that the Hunan province is particularly polluted, the nation’s rice bowl. In 2012 the Hunan province produced 16% of the nation’s rice, 17 million tons. The Hunan province has the highest levels of cadmium pollution, arguably the most dangerous to the human body because it has been linked to organ failure. The negative effects of industry, regulated or not, cannot be fully understood until the damages are seen.
China’s air quality has been in the spotlight ever since the Olympics in 2008. Eastern industrialized china has some of the worst air quality levels in the...

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