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Environmental Legislation And Laws Of Singapore And Malaysia

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Patricia Harris
Busn 318-1103B
Environmental Legislation and Laws of Singapore and Malaysia
American Intercontinental University
Alexander Thompson

Malaysia’s level of regulation?

Malaysia is part of the New Zealand Environmental Law and Regulations which have the following principle guidelines. The governing practices must be in accordance with international environment policy. The laws in place are not for establishing monopoly or special protections (Gross, 2001). But they are to inform trade partners as well as domestic business and the general public of the established practices for environmental regulations.
Malaysia population is over 20 million people. It is one of the ...view middle of the document...

The age of retirement is around 64 years. The majority of workers are in the mid 30s and younger.
Wages and salary for Malaysians are the result of the Employment Act passed in 1955. The Act called for wages to be paid within seven days after a pay period.
There is no minimum wage and the maximum hours per week to work are 48 hours. The maximum number of days per week to work is set at six days (Gross, 2001).
The ethical considerations of wage and salary requirements are greatly improved over the past ten years. The number of persons employed in natural resource industry has decreased over the years to around 18% by 1999. Manufacturing employment has grown on the other hand to around 22.5% of the workforce by 1999 (Gross, 2001). The labor has shifted to manufacturing from agriculture, forestry, and the fishing industry.
Regulation level of the country?
Singapore is an island surrounded by over 55 smaller islands. The number of people is around three million. The main industries in Singapore are primarily the commercial and service areas. Supplying outsource services to other countries around the world. Crude oil, petroleum and natural gas are the main exports of the country.
The Environmental Impact Assessment currently focuses on the following areas. Environmental Protection, which is focused on managing resources to facilitate asbestos removal, construction workers, waste, emissions, and handling hazardous contaminants.
Under Fuel Efficiency there are the low carbon initiatives, solar technology, bio energy, and wind power development.
Legislation passed in Singapore?
In advanced careers such as engineering wages are fairly competitive with the rest of the world at $3,600 gross each month. Wages for the average office worker is about $1,570 monthly. Wages for a car mechanic would be $1,350 monthly and for a Physician $7,600 each month. However Singapore does not yet have a minimum wage set by the governing authorities for general laborers. It is hoped that Singapore and China will get on board by providing workers an ethical rate for the minimum wage.
There are controls in place to regulate the Environmental contaminants relating to natural resources such as water, air, lands, and hazardous chemicals. The first Act is the Environmental Pollution Control Act (EPCA) established in 1999. This Act also includes...

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