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Environmental Plan Essay

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Sustainability Plan Effect Paper
MGT 470
May 2, 2010

Sustainability Plan Effect Paper
To develop a plan, whether the plan is a short or long-term, requires for an organization to implement a strategy that is effective and efficient. Princeton University is seeking for a consultant to assist in developing a sustainability plan into effect that focuses on greenhouse gas. This is one of several environmental issues that the university feels is important, not only to the faculty members and its students, to the overall business strategy and organization. With a sustainability plan in place, the following areas will expect to see some possible effects; for instance, the overall business ...view middle of the document...

In the aspect of the culture and values, if the university has an aggressive approach and educate the benefits of the plan, all members associated with the university can fully understand the reason behind the plan.
In order for the university to provide the conservation and technology options, the strategy is to enable situational options for the faculty members and students to utilize. For instance, the option to decrease emissions from the power facility or implement energy conservation design such as building renovations that consume less energy. These effects are positive that will help in the sustainability plan. The organizational design includes the university plan, and the people who work and study at the campus. The conservation will reduce through technology, alternative fuel options, and construction of facilities that help in the reducing emissions.
The development and training involve with reducing greenhouse gases is to stress the importance of the environment. The sustainability plan is to focus on the practices each faculty member and student can do in the daily activities to reduce carbon dioxide emission from entering the atmosphere. The best method to make all personnel aware is through the information flow and through notification on posters that provide guidance...

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