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Environmental Pollution 2 Essay

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Environmental pollution
In this topic we are going to deal about different types of pollution and due to these types of pollution how our environment is facing disasters and calamities.
Environmental pollution can be defined as “the unfavorable alteration of our surroundings”
Types of pollutants:
1. Bio degradable pollutants –decompose rapidly by natural processes.
2. Non-degradable pollutants- do not decompose or slowly decompose in the environment.
Pollutions are different kinds
1. Air pollution
2. Water pollution
3.Soil pollution
4.Marine pollution
5. Noise pollution
6. Thermal pollution and
7. Nuclear hazards.
I-Air pollution:
It may be defined as ...view middle of the document...

Infectious agents: - Bacteria, viruses, protozoa and parasitic worms.
Sources: - Human and animal wastes.
Effects: Variety of diseases.
2. Oxygen demanding wastes: - Animal manure and plant debris that can be decomposed by aerobic bacteria.
Sources: Sewage, paper mills, and food processing facilities
Effects: Wastes can degrade quality by depleting water of dissolved oxygen.
3. Inorganic Chemicals: - Water soluble inorganic chemicals.
1. Acids
2. Compounds of toxic metals such as lead , arsenic and selenium
Effects: Genetic mutations, birth defects and certain cancers.
Control measures of water pollution:
1. The administration of water pollution should be in the hands of state or central government.
2. Industrial plants should be based on recycling operations, because it will not only stop the
discharge of industrial wastes into natural water sources but by products can be extracted from the wastes.
3. Plants, trees and forests control pollution and they acts as natural air conditioners.
4. Highly qualified and experienced persons should be consulted from time to time for effective control of water pollution.
5. Basic and applied research in public health engineering should be encouraged.
III-Soil Pollution:
It may be defined as “the contamination of soul by human and natural activities which may cause harmful effects on living beings.”
1. Industrial wastes
Sources and effects: - pulp and paper mills, chemical industries, oil refineries, sugar factories etc., these pollutants affect and alter the chemical and biological properties of soil. As a result, hazardous chemicals can enter into human food chain from the soil; disturb the bio chemical process and finally lead to serious effects.
2. Urban wastes
Sources and effects: - Plastics, Glasses, metallic cans, fibers, papers, rubbers , street sweepings and other discarded manufactured products. These are also dangerous.
3. Agricultural practices
Sources and effects: - Huge quantities of fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides are added to increase the crop yield. Apart from these farm
wastes, manure, slurry, are reported to cause soil pollution.
4. Radioactive pollutants
Sources and effects: These are resulting from explosions of nuclear dust and radioactive wastes penetrate the soil and accumulate there by creating land pollution.
5. Biological agents.
Sources and effects: Soil gets large quantities of human, animal and birds excreta which constitute the major source of land pollution by biological agents.
Control measures of soil pollution
1. Forestry and farm practices
2. Proper dumping of unwanted materials
3.Production of natural fertilizers
4. Proper Hygienic condition
5. Public awareness
6. Recycling and reuse of wastes
7. Ban on Toxic chemicals.
IV-Marine pollution:
It may be defined as “the discharge of waste substances into the sea resulting in harm to living resources hazards to human health, hindrance to fishery and...

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