Environmental Protection Agency Essay

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1) When was the environmental protection agency (EPA) formed?

- 1970

What events prompted its formation?

- The U.S. was rocked by a series of waste land toxic materials, the earth's automatic, self-cleansing, life support systems became increasingly threatened and consequently people from all walks of life and from every part of the political spectrum were expressing their anxieties on the streets and this happened to b the largest public American demonstration ever seen in America. Hence prompting President Richard Nixon transmitted Reorganization Plan No. 3 to the United States Congress by executive order, creating the EPA as a single, independent agency from a number of smaller ...view middle of the document...

Why is that provision of the law important?

- The citizen suit provision of the Clean Water Act is an important tool to protect and improve rivers, creeks, streams, and wetlands especially as state agencies may not have the resources to conduct regular water quality monitoring on every water body. Citizen involvement in monitoring and reporting pollution problems is key to watershed protection; hereby helping the government enforce the laws.

4) The expression “canary in the coal mine” means an early warning of danger. (Coal miners would carry canaries or small animals with them into mines to detect deadly but odorless and tasteless methane gas.)

a) To what does the expression “canary in the coal mine’ apply in poisoned waters?

I will say that as much as the expression “Canary in the coal mine” implies an early warning of danger in mines so does it in water too. In this case the fish directly helps us know the extent to which our ecological sphere is damaged, and helps humans to take the necessary precautions to save the environment.

5) Twenty million Americans took to the streets for the first earth day in 1970 as a result of pollution they could see an smell: the Cuyahoga river in Cleveland burned, with flames that towered eight stories high; the 1969 oil spill in Santa Barbara closed virtually all the beaches in southern California; people had declared Lake Erie dead.

a) How according to the film, have both pollution and people’s reaction to Earth day changed since 1970?

It goes without doubt to say that were it not for the pollution and people’s reaction in 1970, we might never have had an environmental protection agency which had the sole aim of radically reducing the pre-existing pollution and hence helped us saved human, plant and animal lives. Hence people got aware of their surroundings and now could get more involved and fought what was deemed right.

6) a) What do “endocrine disruptors” do?

“Endocrine Disruptors” also known as manmade chemicals come from agriculture, from industry, from home lawn care products, from all of the things that we tend to be using without adequate regulation and cause abnormal mutations in marine creatures.

b) Why...

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