Environmental Risk Perception Essay

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Environmental Risk Perception
John D. Neil
June 9, 2014
Stephen Brown

Environmental Risk Perception
Environmental risk is something that is perceived differently by many people the world over. With so many different environmental areas under investigation, it is difficult to assess with 100% accuracy. Global warning has been one of the more commonly discussed environmental issues in recent memory. The following is a risk perception paper utilizing two articles. One article rates global warming as being a high-risk issue, while the other does not seem to be overly concerned about global warming as a major issue.
The first article is a research study focused on the impact of ...view middle of the document...

The second article reviewed the variability in climate for the Indian Ocean Dipole (IOD), an important aspect of climate makeup for much of the world. This article does take many weather factors into consideration such as wind, sea surface temperature, and cloud radiation (Ng, 2014). It should be noted that the suggestions and arguments in this article are based on a specific climate model, GFDL-ESM2M Coupled Climate Model (Ng, 2014). The article points out that positive IOD events occur when the eastern IOD (IODE) is anomalously cool (Ng, 2014). These events lead to droughts in Indonesia and Australia and flooding in areas of East Africa and India (Ng, 2014). The article goes on to say that it is unclear whether the atmosphere or the ocean is responsible for the amplitude of these events (Ng, 2014). This particular article, utilizing the aforementioned climate model, essentially found no conclusive evidence that the Indian Ocean is or is not impacting global warming (Ng, 2014).
When comparing the two previously mentioned articles, it is first important to understand that although they discuss two different topics, climate in the Indian Ocean and tourist transport gases, the underlying issue is the same; global warming. The first article makes it very clear from the beginning that global warming is of great concern. The article is very effective in providing data to back up what is suggested. The fact that the data gathered comes from several credible resources goes a long way towards supporting their claims. The second article is completely different in its’ approach and goal. The authors seemed intent only on establishing that there was no discernable risk of global warming from the Indian Ocean point of view. They did do a great job of providing data, maybe too good. The article was jam packed with a ton of data that seemed to be credible, but it only served to leave the reader feeling like the authors really did not know whether or not global warming was a concerning issue. The first article Also did a great job of providing alternative methods and suggestions to decrease gas emissions, thereby reducing the impact to climate change. The second article did not really seem to be solution based.
With any environmental issue, there are always going to be stressors involved. With these articles in particular, the main stressors were traffic, noise, pollution, and weather. The first article focused mainly on noise, traffic, and pollution, while the second article...

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