Environmental Science Paper 1

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Article: Community Resilience and Oil Spills in Coastal Louisiana |
BIOL_115 – Environmental Science |
Professor Dr. Heather Smith |
Written By: Davin Alex |
10/28/2012 |


Write A Paper That Identifies What Question Is Being Debated.
After reading the article on, “Community Resilience and Oil Spills in Coastal Louisiana”, it is quite clear that the unnoted question is, “How have the oil spill affected the coastal Louisiana—the pros, the cons, the cause, and the effects. For several months, this particular oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has dominated international headlines. Since offshore oil extraction began in the 1930s, these coastal residents have coped with spills and other forms of ecological damage caused by exploration and pipeline-related activities. The ...view middle of the document...

Due to the spill, the waters are being scorned and to make matters worse it has affected most of the businesses on the coast, negatively.
Identify The Position(s) Taken In The Article.
To conclude, I would like to add that another on the line question is, “What will the leaders of the nation do to perfect such a disaster from happening again?” solution is something called a relief well. The idea is simple: BP is drilling a new well that will meet up with the existing well shaft a couple of miles below the ocean floor. Once the oil is diverted into the relief well that will take much of the pressure out of the main well shaft and allow it to be capped. This shall solve the Problem or so we are told. Inclosing these adaptations does not alter the social-ecological relationships, but neither do they guarantee continuity of local society. Nonetheless, they enable a community to persist, even if modified over time. We are primarily concerned with what we refer to as inherent resilience. Community members exhibit coping mechanisms through a set of adaptations and adjustments that enable groups to endure disruptive events (Adger 2000, Adger et al. 2005, Smit and Wandell 2006). Typically, these adaptations do not alter the social-ecological relationships, but neither do they guarantee continuity of local society. Nonetheless, they enable a community to persist, even if modified over time.

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Geography 24:347-364.
Adger, W. N., T. P. Hughes, C. Folke, S. R. Carpenter, and J. Rockström. 2005. Social-ecological resilience to coastal disasters. Science 309:1036-91039.
Cantoria, Ciel S. 2011. Exploring the Harmful Effects of Oil Drilling.

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