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Environmental Science Worksheet Essay

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University of Phoenix Material

Environmental Science Worksheet

Answer the following questions in at least 100 words. The answers are found in Ch. 1–4 of the text.
1. Provide a brief summary of the history of the environmental movement?

2. Explain the main point concerning exponential growth and whether it is good or bad. Compare exponential growth to a logistic growth curve and explain how these might apply to human population growth. What promotes exponential growth? What constrains population growth?

3. Compare predictions for human population growth in developed countries versus developing countries. Why is it difficult to predict the growth of Earth’s human ...view middle of the document...

Many progresses have been made in many areas of environmental science and many advances have also been made in the creation of legal frameworks for the management of the environment.

No population can sustain an exponential rate of growth indefinitely. Eventually the population will run out of food and space and become increasingly vulnerable to catastrophes and exceed the carrying capacity.
An exponentially growing population theoretically increases forever, but on Earth, which is limited in size, this is not possible. In reality the population would increase exponentially only temporarily. After that, the rate of growth would gradually decline and follows the logistic growth curve. Once the logistic carrying capacity had been reached, the population would remain at that number. Advances like modern medicine, modern agriculture, and modern industry promote exponential growth and lack of food and space or disease and catastrophic events would constrain population growth. Logistic growth compared to exponential is more steady and mature.

One big reason is that developing countries tend to have much faster population growth than in developed countries.

Developing countries have poor access to birth control, often practice religions which prohibit birth control and value large families, and often have a lot of farmers, who benefit from having lots of children to help them work the land and take care of...

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