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Environmentally Product Essay

1349 words - 6 pages

A proposal to introduce

environmentally friendly footwear

to increase awareness of green consciousness

Prepared for

Mr J Tan
Sales Executive
GREENtoes Pte Ltd


Miss A Chee
Marketing Executive
Simple Shoes

25 January 2011

A proposal to introduce

environmentally friendly footwear

to increase awareness of green consciousness

1. Introduction
1.1 Purpose
This proposal aims to introduce new footwear products to GREENtoes and seeks the approval of the Sales Executive for the reselling of Simple Shoes’ products in the company.

1.2 Current Position
GREENtoes offers a wide variety of shoes so as to cater to customers’ ...view middle of the document...

Figure 1 shows Singaporeans’ willingness to pay extra for environmentally friendly products.
According to the figure shown above, seventy two percent of the Singapore consumers surveyed are agreeable to paying more for green products and are willing to pay an average of eleven percent more. Only a small portion of the population is reluctant to spend an additional amount on the eco-friendly products. Therefore, GREENtoes should resell Simple Shoes’ footwear since consumers in Singapore are receptive to the idea of purchasing green footwear even if it requires paying a higher amount.
2. addressing the problem
2.1. The Solution
Simple Shoes’ footwear is manufactured using recycled and sustainable materials like coconut, bamboo and hemp. Such materials are readily available because these plants grow quickly. To slow down the depletion of natural resources, GREENtoes should promote such eco-friendly footwear on a large scale. Since Simple Shoes’ footwear products are completely made from environmentally materials, it will thus be an excellent choice to bring in Simple Shoes’ products to sell in the company.

2. Pros and Cons of the Solution
The advantages and disadvantages of Simple Shoes’ eco-friendly products are analyzed in Table 1 below, using the following criteria:
□ Appearance
□ Cost
□ Features
□ Environmental Impact
□ Target market

Table 1 Pros and Cons of the Solution
3. The Proposal
3.1 Justification for Selected Solution
With reference to the advantages and disadvantages of the solution using the defined criteria as displayed in Table 1, GREENtoes is encouraged to bring in Simple Shoes’ footwear products to resell. The reasons for the decision are as follows:

□ Simple Shoes’ footwear product is very comfy. Hence, consumers will not feel any discomfort or pain at their soles despite walking for long distances.

□ Manufactured from recycled and sustainable material, Simple Shoes’ products are completely environmentally friendly, thus helping to slow down depletion rate of the natural resources and protect the environment.

□ Despite its simple appearance, Simple Shoes’ footwear has a wide range of colours. Consumers will definitely be able to find a shoe that they like, in the preferred colour.

□ Though a pair of normal shoes is much cheaper, the harmful effects resulting from the manufacturing of these shoes will lead to an even higher cost than the eco-friendly shoes since the natural resources will be further depleted, thereby having a negative impact on the environment. On the bigger picture, eco-friendly will be a wiser choice considering the damaging cost that it has on our mother nature.

3.2 Strategy for Implementation and Implementation Details
Table 2 and table 3 below show the prices and the implementation details of the footwear details respectively.

Table 2: Prices of Eco-Friendly footwear

Table 3:...

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