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FDA bans EphedraMany Americans are upset with the government, but what the people don't realizeis that the government is trying to save their life. The government finalized their ban onephedra, hoping to get this drug off the shelves by April. Health problems relating toephedra were reported to the FDA about eight years ago. The FDA was unable to banthis drug due to the lack of evidence. It finally came to the government's attention whenephedra was linked to 155 deaths and many heart attacks and strokes. Due to the deathsThis drug caused, the government had no choice but to ban ephedra. This isthe first ban ...view middle of the document...

This natural herb is actually closely related tospeed. Ephedra is a stimulant that speeds up your heart rate and constricts blood vessels.The ban against this dietary supplement reveals how dumb some people are. Thegovernment has proved that this drug causes death, but people continue to take this drug.Many people are stocking up on the drug and cleaning out the stores so they will be ableto fulfill their addictions. Many consumers continue taking ephedra and ignore the risksthey are exposed to. These dieters credit ephedra because they say that it helps loseweight quickly.This article is reaching out to inform people about the risks of using ephedra. Ithas finally been proven that this drug is related to high blood pressure, heart problems,strokes, and deaths. Many addicts will continue to ignore risks of this drug and will findillegal suppliers. These addicts don't realize that there is a healthier and safer way toloose weight. Alternates to weight loss besides using drugs include exercise and eating abalanced diet.After reading this article I was curious about other drugs that are sold over thecounter. I began to think that there are possibly other drugs on the market that aresupposedly harmless but could be deadly. I came to the conclusion that it is better to besafe than sorry and before taking a drug or prescription, you should research the drug tofind out all the possible side effects and risks.

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