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Equality Of Sexes In The Labor Market

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Equality of sexes in the labor market

There was a time when it was the woman’s place to stay at home and tend to the needs of the family, while the man went into the work force to earn a living to sustain the family. However, as the demands of everyday life have changed, so too has the role of women. As a result, an ever increasing number of women have joined the work force, shedding themselves of their traditional role, that of the “housewife”.
In the past, it was possible for a family to survive on one income alone. Yet as our expectations and needs changed, we became a consumer society. Thus, it has become necessary for families to have two sources of income in order to maintain the standard of living ...view middle of the document...

Even though there are a growing number of women attaining success in the workforce, there are countless others who fight daily, to assure their equality amongst their male co-workers. Women in the workforce have to constantly deal with traditionalist employers and co-workers and their prejudiced bias; they feel that a woman cannot produce the same quality of work as a man and who also believe that a woman’s place is in the home. Consequently, a woman must work twice as hard as her male counterpart, in order to prove herself worthy of holding a position of authority and prestige.
It seems discriminatory that in some workplaces, women are not treated as equals and instead are not given the same opportunities for advancement or the same wages as their male counterparts. It should be mandated and enforced at a national and governmental level that women cannot be treated unfairly. If a female employee produces the same amount of work as a male employee in the same position, they have both been with the company for the same amount of time and they possess the same level of education, the female employee should be compensated in the same ways that the male employee is. In addition, if a female employee outperforms her male co-worker, she should be promoted before the male employee is, and not bypassed on account of being a woman.
While women in the workplace have attained far more equality and respect than in the past, there is still much room for improvement. There are still many women being unfairly treated, merely because of their gender. It is the 21st century and we must all realize that a woman’s place in the world is wherever she chooses to be.

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