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Equestrian Trail Riding: An Analysis

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This is a case analysis that analyzes the current state of the equestrian trail in Kentucky. The goal of the case analysis is to identify the problems that are associated with making tourism a distinct industry that is capable of generating revenue for the economy and local community. The main aim of this analysis is to prove that the equestrian trail can be used to provide jobs and income for citizens while improving their quality of life. The analysis will identify key problems, critical issues, criteria for solution, resource availability, alternative solutions considered, implementation, monitoring, and control of the plan. This information can be used to guide business decisions for ...view middle of the document...

Identification of the Problem
There is a need to expand Kentucky adventurism tourism. Buckley (2000, 2004); Travel Industry Association of America (2005) states, “Adventurism has grown rapidly in recent years as outdoor creation has become increasingly commercialized” (as cited in Hackbert & Lin, 2009). Also, the Adventure Travel Trade Association has reported that the growth in the adventure travel industry is very optimistic over the next 5 years which is associated with the shift in American family travel. Traditionally, family travel consisted of the typical nuclear family which included the father, mother, and children. Currently more family trips are being booked that include grandparents and other extended family members such as aunts, uncles, and cousins. When out of state tourists visit attractions, money is spent in the local community both inside and outside the facilities they visit. Therefore, this new money creates income and jobs for residents and the business which promotes healthy economic development (Hackbert & Lin, 2009). The central problem is that tourism is not recognized as an official and distinctive industry in the Appalachian region. This is because policy makers propose that the tourism industry will cause double counting if it is distinctively separated. Another problem is policy makers question that economic development and tax base enlargement that can be gained from tourism. Previous studies have indicate tourism as a means of increasing tax revenues but argue tourism as a contribution to sources and jobs of and income that directly improve the quality of life of residents (Hackbert & Lin, 2009). The third problem is that the details of methods used affects economic estimates. It is necessary to identify the critical issues to develop criteria for a solution, assess resource availability, propose a solution, and guide implementation.
Critical Issues
A critical issue is to build the value of equestrian trail riding in Kentucky for visitors. According to American Express Travel survey (2008), the top five domestic destinations are: Orlando, New York City, Miami, Las Vegas, and Hawaii (as cited in Hackbert & Lin, 2009). Therefore, there is a need to work harder to help equestrian trail riding become more widely known and make me visitors aware of the services that can be offered in Kentucky. Kentucky is known as the “horse capital of the world” and it is important to market the trail appropriately to attract visitors. The Appalachian terrain and natural beauty has attracted many ATV riders, rock climbers, and mountain bikers.
Another critical issue is to provide supportive evidence for tourism as a distinct industry to policy makers. In order to do achieve this goal, quantitative data from the case study needs to be reviewed. A sample questionnaire was given to out-of-town visitors at the Knott County Trail Ride to collect information regarding the equestrian trail ride and calculate the economic impact....

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