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Ernest Hemingway Essay

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On the date of July 21, 1899 Ernest Hemingway, a now known brilliant writer, wasborn. Hemingway was conceivably the only writer to achieve the combination ofinternational celebrity and literary stature in the twentieth century. Hemingway wasbrought up in the village of Oak Park, Illinois, close to the prairies and woods west ofChicago. Both here and in Michigan, he could explore, camp, fish and hunt with his father,Dr. Clarence Hemingway. In Chicago he would attend concerts, operas and visit artmuseums with his mother, a musician and an artist. Hemingway attended Oak Park andRiver Forest High School, where he was an active writer. He wrote articles, poems andstories for the school's ...view middle of the document...

In each conflict he sought support for the side hefavored. But he insisted on impartially describing the truth of both wars, which he knewfrom firsthand experience.In the years following World War II, many critics said Hemingway's best writingwas past. He surprised many of the critics when the novel, The Old Man and the Sea, waspublished.. This work led to his Pulitzer Prize in 1952. Two years later he received theNobel Prize for his "powerful, style-making mastery of the art or modern narration"(Griffin 1) for The Old Man and the Sea.Hemingway's years following these awards saw few works as successful as hisnovel or earlier writings. Hemingway was devastated that he could no longer write as heonce did. During 1961 Hemingway, troubled by high blood pressure and mentaldepression, received shock treatments during two long confinements at the Mayo Clinic inRochester, Minnesota. He died July 2, 1961 at his home in Ketchum, Idaho, as a result ofself-inflicted gunshot wounds and was buried in Ketchum. But as he had hoped, hiswriting lives on. His works continue to sell very well and are translated in an amazingvariety of languages around the world.HEMINGWAY HERO"For Ernest Hemingway, the secondary world which he constructed in his manystories and novels served as a mirror to reflect his beliefs about the world in which helived" (Relations to Fact Through Fiction 1). Even though he reflected his beliefs in hisworks he never portrayed himself as the hero. Instead Hemingway created a hero thatfollowed the same general code in all of his works. We generally, call this man the "codehero"--this because he represents a code according to which the hero, if he could attain it,would be able to live properly in the world of violence, disorder, and misery to which hehas been introduced and which he inhabits. The code hero, then, offers up and exemplifiescertain principles of honor, courage, and endurance which in a life of tension and painmake a man, as we say, and enable him to conduct himself well in the losing battle that islife.The Hemingway hero of "The Snows of Kilimanjaro" is Harry. Harry is selfpitying and views his present diseased state as the culmination of poor choices and false,convenient values. However, through final, confrontation with his own mortality, heachieved self-redemption.In "The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber" Francis is the Hemingway herobecause he had courage and faced his fears. If Francis would not have went out on thesafari the last time and had so much courage his wife would not have shot him. Mrs.Macomber killed him because she could no longer rule him. With Francis gaining so muchself-esteem he no longer sat back and let his wife cheat on him, without confronting her.The Italian soldiers in "In Another Country" are the heroes because they were notafraid to die. The three boys went to war and returned back to Milan with medals for theirbravery for facing death.Santiago from "The Old Man and the Sea" is a hero because he was...

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