Eruption Of Mt. Saint Helens In 1980

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Mt. St. Helens is part of the Cascades mountain range in the United States. Cascades mountain range settles on a destructive margin. Juan De Fuca plate (oceanic crust) moved towards the North American Plate (Continental Crust) and formed Cascades mountain range.Over 120years, Juan De Fuca plate had moved towards the North American Plate bit by bit and had pressured it. The pressure had been released in the year of 1980 and marked magnitude 5 on the Richter scale. By the earthquake, the magma rises to the surface of the earth and causes an eruption.The first sign of volcanic activity happened on March 27th. On March 20th, there was a minor earthquake ...view middle of the document...

This landside filled Spirit Lake, and displaced the water. The exposed magma exploded sideways sending out blast waves of volcanic gas, steam and dust which are called nuee ardente.As people didn't expect Mt. St. Helens to erupt, most of them weren't ready for the eruption. Sixty-one deaths were reported and most of them died from poisonous gas released from the volcano. Ash which fell in the rivers raised the water temperature. Sediment and mud covered the channels, and by these two causes, every fish died, including 250km of former top-class salmon and Trout Rivers. Floodwaters had destroyed several road and railway bridges. Electricity supplies were interrupted and telephone wires were cut.12% of the total crop was ruined by settling dust; fruit alfalfa had the biggest damage. Many people were stressed and tired because the phone lines and electricity were cut and the roads were destroyed.Mt. St. Helens is located in the United States which is an MEDC, so they didn't suffer as much as LEDC. Volcanic eruption in LEDC such as Philippines has a bigger damage on the country. When Mt. Pinatubo erupts Philippines will have a major problem. Since the United States is an MEDC they supply things such as food faster than the Philippines. They'll also be faster in fixing phone lines and electric supply. The United States will also be faster dealing with the problems since they have supplies unlike the Philippines. LEDC will suffer more from volcanic eruptions since they don't have enough supplies.

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