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Escape Fire, A Closer Look Essay

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Escape Fire, A Closer Look
Phillip Eubanks
Medical Careers Institute

Escape Fire, A Closer Look
The theme of the movie focuses on the payment and delivery of healthcare from the perspective of the medical professionals, insurance professionals, and the patient. It was an overall look at what drives the healthcare for the nation. There also was a look at how the healthcare system focuses around people who are sick, rather than being more preventative to ensure a higher health percentage. The doctors are pressed to see multiple patients a day instead of actually being able to spend quality time with each one. The doctors spend just ...view middle of the document...

It was definitely shocking what goes on behind the presidential elections that control the governing body for the entire United States. Learning that physicians get paid so much for specialty surgeries makes sense as to why patients are speedily taken to surgery over actively being taught in the first place of preventative measures that could make a huge impact on later in life care.
Knowledge taken from this documentary will greatly affect my future profession as a whole. It can be seen that actually teaching patients thoroughly and making it a priority to make sure sufficient knowledge is passed on to ensure a lower number of later detrimental illnesses. I will try very hard to implement an outstanding teaching plan that is significant to patients in general under my care.
The movie definitely has a good standpoint portrayed on the foundation that the answers for fixing our nation are right under our noses. Especially given the “escape fire” plan that was shown by the firefighter that saved his own life, when the other ones were captured by the engulfing flames that ended their lives. The main problem of today is...

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