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Lifelong learning
What is lifelong learning?
Basically lifelong learning is all about the information your brain absorbs/ takes in and the information that your brain builds on daily. Example: in the morning watching TV news, reading newspaper or listening to the radio. Then in the afternoon at school learning all the subjects. At work looking at all these files and information. All these activities you do throughout life kinder -year12 or up either you build on or learn a new concept.
1. What is the importance of lifelong learning?
There is a lot of importance towards lifelong learning like being successful in your work and maintain your daily life easily without difficulties to get familiar with changes like new house or new working fields.
2. How can lifelong learning can be achieved?
Lifelong learning can be achieved by keeping up with latest news around you by reading ...view middle of the document...

Also with positive learning will assist individuals to make right decisions. E.g./ social health- pick the right friendship and social environment. Physical- looking at their fitness level and their physical health- smoking and drinking. Psychological health –learning from use previous knowledge and situation to stay in the right state of mind. Being resilient. Know how to seek help and stay positive. Have an aim and a process to do everything that an individual needs and desires.
4. The benefits of lifelong learning?
 Doing well in your school or work field is depended on lifelong learning because to absorb and maintain that knowledge in and use or maintain involves lifelong learning.
 To be familiar around your environment involves lifelong learning. For example you brain knowing the ways around your street. Knowing the daily routine of your life. Knowing market rates while shopping including maths in while shopping.
 Most importantly lifelong learning involves daily life duties when to do stuff like school /office/house work, having time off, what type of food and diet you have and making decision is based on your learning of right or wrong.
5. The need of lifelong learning in science?
 So people can absorb the knowledge to help them later in a test or an activity in science as a subject with the same process of taking in and remembering information in science like the have been doing it their whole life .
 To remember the basics and build on information. For example you may learn about the human body in year 6 but then in year 8 you have basic knowledge on the hum body but you expand on your learning by learning each system of the human body.
 Using daily information or processes to stay safe in science or extend knowledge of science. For example having the common sense so you don’t hurt yourself while using science equipment. You could bring in daily life examples in science that you understand to make the concept easier – vessels in your body is a scientific term to understand it you could say vessels are like pipes.

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