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Essay Christian's Caring For The Environment

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ENGL 101

Christian’s Caring For the Environment

Christianity passionately teaches believers that God is the creator of all things. It is essential that Christians take the power given to them by God, to make a difference in the preservation, and the restoration of the environment. The book of Genesis provides us with environmental insight of the creation of the Earth in which God calls it “good.” (Genesis 1:10) Adam and Eve were instructed by God to maintain the garden of Eden as the care takers. From the beginning we see that God intended for Christians to be good stewards over what He graciously has given them. One way to demonstrate obedience to God, is to value the ...view middle of the document...

Christians are not expected to be perfect, but strive daily in the process towards sanctification. So in efforts to be apart of improving the environment making small changes from a high energy light bulbs to a lower energy light bulbs will be making an active approach towards accepting responsibility for the environment.
Through the efforts of Christian’s living in accordance with the will of God, it is possible to make effective changes in the world. There is no better way to make a change than to start with yourself it’s called leading by example. According to the U.S. energy statistics, “In 2011, the United States generated about 4,106 billion kilo watt hours of electricity.  About 68% of the electricity generated was from fossil fuel (coal, natural gas, and petroleum), with 42% attributed from coal.” Looking at the global aspect, “The average global temperature is increasing at a rate and by an amount unprecedented in the history of humankind. Nine of the ten warmest years on record were in the last decade. There is now little doubt that it is caused by injecting carbon dioxide into the atmosphere from burning fossil fuels - oil, gas and coal.” Great efforts are being made to move the country into clean energy, “States’ adoption of renewable energy standards—which require electric utility companies to produce a portion of their electricity from wind, solar, and other renewable sources—has considerably driven clean energy advances in recent years. Though Congress has failed to enact a nationwide standard, policymakers at the state level have enthusiastically filled the void, with 29 states and the District of Columbia adopting hard targets for renewable energy production and another eight states setting renewable energy goals.”
Environmental concerns was a topic of discussion heard during the Presidential Debate of 2012, President Barack Obama’s top priorities was the supported of clean energy. President Obama encouraged the tax credits for the Americans willing to convert to using natural resources in the efforts of moving towards renewable energy. To aid the American people in the cost of making adjustments to natural energy each state has solar incentives that are listed on the Database of Energy Efficiency, Renewable website found on
Clearly our environment benefits from recycling, and proper disposal of waste. The U.S....

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