Essay Of Foresight

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Essay of foresight
At this fork in life, I chose --------------, instead of ------------.
Life is all about making choices. Making the right choice at the right time is very important. However, no one knows whether the choice they made was the right one. Nevertheless, living with the choice you made and dealing with it, is more important than being right or wrong.
Since I began my O-levels, I had always heard how “cool” it is to get into LUMS. Independence, away from home, doing whatever you want, enjoying life were just some of the things I had heard from friends that got into LUMS.
In A-levels, my senior LUMS friends would brag about the amazing badminton and tennis courts they have there and how they can go and play there whenever they want, since they knew my school courts were usually closed. Eventually, I got interested in getting admission into LUMS and dreamt of “enjoying” life the way they did.
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But no one possibly gets everything they want. I didn’t sleep at nights wondering what I should do. My parents were insistent that I go for Hajj with them because it is probably once in a life time opportunity, but then LUMS was also once in a blue moon opportunity.
I didn’t know what to do. I tried using the coin method, but then I realized how stupid that method was when it constantly came up with the moon side or in my terms Hajj. I eventually got tired of racking brains on this issue, and once and for all decided to please my parents. I knew I would regret my decision, but what good is going to LUMS when no one here wanted you too.
I hated seeing my friends go to LUMS and put up statuses on how beautiful everything there was, and how they’ve already started enjoying and going out to dinner and walks, late at night. But what was done was done. I had to stick with my choice and live with it.
I didn’t feel excited when I was leaving for Hajj. But, ironically, I didn’t want to come back to Karachi again. What I saw there at Makkah and Medina made me realize how correct my decision was. The beautiful aroma of that place and the sense of holiness that hits you are better than any LUMS. Seeing all these different types of people coming together, walking together, helping each other, looking out for each other and most importantly, praying at the same time, the same way, saying the same things is a feeling that can’t be replaced by anything. Hajj made me realize how fortunate I was that Allah chose me to visit his beautiful home, and how stupid I was that I wanted to let go of this opportunity. It made me realize how fortunate I was because I have the ability to walk, when I saw hundreds and thousands of people limping or crawling or in a wheel chair but were praying and thanking Allah for his blessings. I realized how weak our love for Him is, we cry and curse for small, meaningless things that we can’t get but miss out on the other blessings that he has given us. I learnt things that I would never have given a thought to. It made me realize that life isn’t all about enjoying life; it is rather about pleasing Allah and abiding His teachings.
I was glad I left the enjoyment at LUMs to get the spiritual calmness that one needs. I have no regrets at my choice and fully and happily live by it.

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