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Essay Of Reconciliation

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Marriage has through centuries if not millennia been a vital key for the well-being of the average human being. Literally it's a legal contract between spouses, but in reality it's much more than. Marriage is in present day the physical and mental attraction between two who dearly love each other. Yet sometimes the spark of love begins to fade and a divorce is required. Sometimes the divorce is wished by only one of the participants; the other person might want to
'Reconciliation' is a short story written by the author Polly Clark. The short story was published in 2006. The story is about Laura; a middle-aged woman who is desperately trying to regain the contact to her ...view middle of the document...

The relationship Laura and Vernon is obviously skewed as a result of the partners not being the same wavelengths. She is seeking out Vernon in order for them to re-establish their relationship, but she quickly realises their upcoming divorce hasn't torn upon Vernon as it has on herself, yet she clings to the thought of reconciliation and denies the thought of him being consent with their divorce. Vernon speaks very kindly to Laura, but it's not out of love but rather of friendliness. Vernon's new blue shirt is a symbolic, as it goes to show he's refreshed and has moved on. Laura also mentions mentions how Vernon has become himself more, which points at Laura maybe being a burden for him and thus escaping her has left Vernon in a stronger state. When Laura is given the task to reconcile the numbers on the sheets of paper she becomes completely absorbed in her quest to reconcile the numbers, in fact she becomes obsessed with reconciling the numbers this Laura becomes obsessed with reconciling the numbers, as they comfort her and strengthen her belief in becoming reconciled herself. She clearly draws a parallel between her relationship and the numbers, she thinks reconciling the numbers bears...

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