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Essay Of The Idea

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The Idea

The short story is called ‘the idea’ and the author is Raymond Carver.
Voyeurism is happening every day and can be a negative thing that some people are attached to like some kind of hobby. Everybody can be stalked, as another name for it, and everybody can stalk. Voyeurism is a known word, and all people is involved. This text takes a new perspective on voyeurism and shows us a couple, which does not really have an ordinary hobby.
The couple is trapped in their neighbor’s game, and happens to stalk them, without they are realizing what they are doing. In this essay I will make an analyses and interpretation of the short story, and focus on how voyeurism affects the couple ...view middle of the document...

He is dominating the narrator (his wife) in such way, that she seems to do everything to make him like her, which leads us to her.
We do not know her name, but we know she is Vern’s wife. The neighbor wife fascinates her, but at the same time she repels her. In some kind of way we gets the idea of the wife being jealous. She is serving her husband food in the middle of the night and fights the ants, which are walking around on the floor. She is the narrator, and that is why we get the feeling of her being abused by her husband emotionally. She doesn’t talk too much to her husband, and the other way around. In some kind of way she is fulfillment by watching the neighbors hobby, not because of what they are doing, likely because of her and Vern having a hobby to enjoy together. Which once again leads us to the next characterization and it is going to be about Vern and the narrator’s relationship.
The couple is probably getting old together, and that could be a reason for them to stalk, a man who is ‘stalking’ his wife. If I should characterize them just with one word it would be ‘trapped’. The stalking makes them get their satisfaction. They are probably waking up every night to watch and eat. They are aware of not being seen by the neighbors “Don't let him see you" Vern said. (p. 1, l. 11) Vern sees the neighbor wife almost like an angel and in the text the narrator says, she will tell the neighbor wife how disgusting she is, and Vern answer with this...

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