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Essay Of The White Man's Burden

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Essay of “The White Man’s Burden” (1980), Jan Needle.

This is a short story by Jan Needle. We follow the teenager Tony Robertson, who really wants to be friends with immigrants and thinks very positive of the multi-cultural society. It is pretty ironic that although his amiable behavior, two Paki-stanis eventually end up beating him up.

Tony is liberal, he thinks that everyone should have the same chances, and he doesn’t prejudice anyone.
“He’d brought Tony up to be liberal, to reckon on everybody being equal, having the same rights an so on.” (p. 42, top) “You could get robbed and kicked up by a white gang just as easy as a black” (p. 43 top)
Tony is truly clearly thinking same ...view middle of the document...

“He’ tried quite hard to get mates with Mustafa, but nothing’d come of it.” (p. 44, mid)
“He loved them, the people who lived down there. Really. He was glad they were here in England. He lobed blacks all of them.”(p. 42 bottom)
It is pretty ironic that Tony tries very hard to act polite when he is talking with or about immigrants. But even though Mustafa never acted like he would care for Tony, or take any initiative for them to spend time together. “Leastways he never tried to seek Tony out, at school. And there wasn’t a return invite.” (p. 44 mid)
Despite the fact that Tony doesn’t have any immigrants as friends, he still seems to like them. Actually no matter how they treat him, he still doesn’t generalize, even after he got beat up, he would still love them.

The third person point of view enables the narrator to easier describe the things going on around Tony and in his mind at the same time. The view is limited to To-ny.
This adds an exceptional effect to the reader, because it enables us to see how Tony feels and how others think and look at him.
“He didn’t like this lot, he feared and despised them. Bullies. Thugs and bullies. They could smack him up and he had to be polite” (p. 46 bottom)
“He said it provocatively, because he knew all about Tony’s views. “ (p. 46 top)
In these examples we clearly sees how Tony thinks of them and also how he his appearance is to them. That makes the story more interesting, because we as reader really get a feeling how the situation is where all sides are presented.

The star constellation Orion (the hunter) is referred to multiple times, it represents and is a symbol of Tony in the night life.
“Orion was looking...

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