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The article “Reflective Practices and Professional Development” from the ERIC Digest is an expository piece which seeks to provide factual information to an intellectual audience. The author's main objectives were to inform, explain and clarify the different types of practices discussed, its processes and how to turn them into meaningful action and development for the professional. The author explains the concept of reflective practices and its benefits to professional development. This is outlined in the introductory paragraph, throught the contents and in the conclusion of this article. The writer is trying to convince readers that when reflective practice is implemented and practiced ...view middle of the document...

Furthermore, these sub headings are bold and capitalized and are used to organize the author’s idea and to help the readers to know what is expected in the upcoming sections. Also the writer uses description in that he describes by giving examples. For example, on Pg2 under the subheading of the Levels of Reflective Practice the author gives examples of two aspect of reflective practice and also examples of the successful techniques that can be used in the classroom.
There are major techniques and devices used in this article. In the text there is much sequencing and cohesion. The language used is Standard English in the formal register. The text was written objectively without bias, with tone being clear and concise. The author moved from important to the most important facts/exposition; regarding the concept of reflective practice, making the reader to understand fully the concept and at the same time attempting to apply such subject into an effective teaching environment. This is an expository piece of writing using a technical scientific approach. The author used terms such as “learning situations”, “curriculum development and “professional development”. Moreover, the uses of case studies and reliable educated researchers demonstrated that the article is well research. This is evident as cited in the section under “Levels of Reflective Practice and “Incorporation Reflection into Practice” …. pg2 and 3, and highlighting the “Benefits of Reflective in Practice” on pg4. There is a high level of coherence as sentences and paragraphs relate to each other and support the subject. There is also a secondary discourse of persuasion throughout the text to get the facts across to the readers. The author wanted the intended audience to implement and successfully make the Reflective Practice and Professional Development a part of their educational task and programs. An extended definition of the subject is also clearly seen especially in paragraph 3. The author also made comparison of the former times to present times when the concept was tested and tried. This was evident when the concept was first introduced many institutions adapted it but later...

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