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Essay on gun control in the US

According to the non-profit project the Gun Violence Archive, 12,562 people died from injuries caused by firearms in 2014 alone. The total number of incidents with guns are astonishing 51,763 according to the same source. The massive number of crimes committed with guns is a major concern for the large nation. Especially the increasing number of school shootings have caused a new wave in the debate of enforcing a more strict policy on firearms. This debate has been taking place since the Columbine Massacre and even though school shootings have become more frequent during the last decade no action to enact a more strict policy on firearms have been taken. The question is why ?
Among many other gun crimes, school shootings in America are getting more frequent and have become a major concern for the entire American population, who have split into two groups; those who wish to ban the easy access to guns, and those who come to feel even more ...view middle of the document...

On the one hand, those who are against a stricter gun policy fear that the only ones who will have a harder time getting guns are those who only wish to protect themselves and their families. They believe that those who wish to harm others will find a way to get guns no matter what. However, those who advocate a stricter gun policy believe that many shootings and fatal accidents can be avoided if the access to guns and ammunition can be controlled more. Those very conflicting opinions is what makes it so difficult for the American government to take action.
Those who believe that control will not make a difference have an opinion based on a very essential part of the old-fashioned American mentality. Most of the American people feel as if their civil right is violated, when their right to protect themselves is taken from them. The NRA, National Rifle Association, shares this view. They are probably the advocator for the right to own and carry guns. They have very big influence on politics and they are a big part of the reason why no action on more gun controlled has been taken yet. The phrase “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people” are a repeatedly used sentence when arguing for the right to carry firearms. This is truly, what they believe. The American history and mentality to protect their own and having the right to do so is what creates the determination to keep the right to carry guns.
The debate of gun control in America is an ongoing debate and have been for many years. The solution to the massive amount of violence committed with guns is nowhere near to be found because of the massive gap between the two very opposing opinions. On the one hand is the group of people who believes that the only way to handle the problem is by protecting themselves with more guns, and one the other hand is the group who believes, that more gun control can prevent some of the crimes. I personally do not believe that a stricter gun control can be applied to the American society. The mentality of those who have most influence on this decision is the same mentality of those who believe that you can only fight fire with fire. Therefore, there will be no change to the amount of control of guns.

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