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Essay; Sustainable Fashion

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Sustainable fashion

The term Sustainable fashion can mean many things, like as the rising design way of life and development of sustainability, the goal of which is to create a system which can be supported indefinitely in terms of environmentalism and social responsibility. I see it as something has been made that considers environmental issues and social impact a product may have throughout its total duration. The purpose is to create designs that respect the environment and help poorer communities in developing countries. Clothes and their fabrics that meet the criteria are usually made using organic raw materials such as cotton grown without the use of any chemical and used materials can be recycled, like plastic from coke bottles. Furthermore Sustain fashions don’t involve the use of ...view middle of the document...

Many fashion designers particularly interested in all clothes considered environmental issues. All immense brands and companies all over the world are powered by Sustainability. They were developed exclusively for the company so as to degrade without polluting the environment. It is amazing to see that everything they does makes sure the most complex things are done in an Sustainable friendly.
On the other hand, the re-purposing and recycling of textile manufactured goods sometimes considered the most innovative and responsible mode of Sustainable fashion. By using past garments to create new on trends this can be a great way of not harming the atmosphere. Although cotton is often viewed as an essentially natural fiber, its production has often been especially damaging fashion industry its unmatched to any other fabric in terms of comport softness and durability. However it is grown with a group of toxic chemicals resulting in the deaths of thousands of people in developing countries. We are unaware as a consumer that buying cotton top could result in the death of a person.
Furthermore, waste materials from dyeing processes have historically been one of the most noticeable forms of pollution. Today, there are a number of sustainable alternatives to harmful dyeing practices.
The use of fur, feathers, and animal skins in fashion is a subject of debate. Long used for warmth and protection, fur is always on and off the catwalks. Increasingly viewed as a luxurious status symbol in previous decades, a lot of viewpoints have changed due to acts of animal cruelty.
In the end I would like to conclude to my findings I think companies can do a lot more to help developing countries and the environment. It’s amazing to see how sustainable designers and brands can act on these issues and create such fashionable outcomes.

Shah Basit Hussain Qureshi

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