Essay To Compare And Contrast "God's Gradeur" With "The World Is Too Much Without Us."

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Each poem written in Petrarchan sonnet form begins with “The world.” Each poem is an expression of their concern related to the impact of the industrial revolution on the natural landscape. Equally, they express that it is polluted and abused for economic gain. The difference by which they address their concern is that one man speaks from his true faith and the other injects mythological fantasy to get his point across. Wordsworth embellishes sympathy for paganism which is an ancient religion prior to Christianity. He writes, “Great God! I'd rather be A Pagan suckled in a ...view middle of the document...

” When something is crushed for its natural resource it can be looked at as good as well as tragic. When you crush an olive the oil rises up out of the fruit, but the natural beauty is crushed. Further, “Why do men then now not reck his rod?” He wonders if men engage in the sin of greed with no fear of God’s wrath. They both express a concern that man is ruining the beauty of the natural landscape as cities grow around them. In lines 5-8 Wordsworth claims that men are no longer mystified by the wonders of nature in stating that “we are out of tune” with the sea, the wind, and the moon., which leans more towards a pagan belief similar to the contemporary pagan belief in mother nature. Hopkins’ message is to show a connection between God, man, and the earth. Wordsworth charges contemporary society of losing its connection to nature. Hopkins charges society with losing its connection to Christianity. As Wordsworth overstates a wish to have been reared as a pagan, he depicts the image of a pagan god “Proteus rising from the sea” and Triton “blowing his wreathed horn” possibly to wage war on humanity’s crime against nature or to enforce society’s obedience to nature once more. The speaker is forlorn to the fact that he is not a pagan as he stands upon a “pleasant lea” or unscathed meadow hoping to see a pagan deity. Hopkins’ response to this is to state that society is losing its connection to Christianity by making economics a higher priority than the worship of God. He also conveys a message that the destruction of earth’s landscape is the destruction of Gods’ work. This might be that people are losing their connection to God as they are working often, consuming more, and worshiping less. Greed is consuming them and pulling them away from their faith. Furthermore, the process of industry is destroying the landscape and removing society’s spiritual connection to the physical earth which was created by God.

In line 5, Hopkins writes, “Generations have trod, have trod, have trod.” This might mean that for many generations people are desperately out of touch with a higher power. They no longer fear God or his divine inspiration. In Line 6,...

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