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Essay Writing

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* A topic is a narrow branch of the subject ( it is important to have a very specific topic, DO NOT BE BROAD)
* Ex: General Topic: media → Narrowed Topic: Commercials → Even More Narrow: How commercials manipulate their audience → Super narrow: How breakfast cereal commercials manipulate primary school children into eating sugary foods
* There is never a limit to how narrow you can get with your topic
* The topic determines what area you will discuss, but not the position you will pursue
* Begin with a narrow topic before singling out your thesis ...view middle of the document...

* Take your narrowed focus interest question and then come up with a controlling statement (answer the question)
* You need to find a “because-I-want-to-find-out-how/why” statement to provide a rationale for the topic
* You need to find a purpose/significance to the results of your research
* In this essay I am going to examine how the principles of war were applied in the Normandy Campaign because I am trying to find out to what extent they were followed in order to judge the performance of the First Canadian Army
* This intentional formulating of your controlling idea is to explain to yourself:
* What your topic is
* Why your studying it
* Why it is important
* a statement of fact
* a statement that is self-evident
* a question (it is in fact the answer to your own question)
* a universal truth that you need to defend to the death

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