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Essays About Witches

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City life vs. Country lifeIn this modern age days you may think that everyones life is similar all tough this is true there many diffrences between City life vs. Country life till this day. Theres differences precent between city and county life, such as personal health , corer values, and cost of living making city life better.For starters people in the city are healthier now and days, people in the city tend to base there life on trends so when they see Kim Kardashian or Leonardo Dicaprio they inspire them to maintain a healthier life style in a daily bases. Gym day a daily diet and ...view middle of the document...

People of the City would miss a birthday party for a better life style. City people strongly believe everything will be worthit at the end because there family's will have a better quality life. While country life people are more seat back they wouldn't care to miss a work day for there family's dinner party just to have a dinner and have a chat with they family memebrs about things that dont matter as much to have a better life style. Core values can come from different directions whats more valuable to you, Do you want to miss a couple family gatherings or miss a couple payments of your home?Country people and city people love saving money up. Cost of living makes a big difference between Country life and city life. People in the Country life will pay more for a everyday product because they do not have national chain stores like City's do. City's have national chain stores like Walmart and Target witch mass produce everyday. Products are able to be offer in a lower prices rang, however people in the country life have to buy it from privet owned small stores that dont receive massive product like Walmart or Target. Do you rather pay seven dollars for a gallon of milk or tree dollars for a gallon of milk?and are able to offer it for a lower price people in the counrty have to buy it from privet ownd small stors

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