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Est Task 2 Essay

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EST1 Task 2


Welcome to the Company X team! We are pleased that you have chosen our company as your place of employment, and we hope that both you and the company will find the employment relationship to be a mutually satisfying one.

Company X aims to provide a positive, open work environment in which all employees can thrive. To translate our commitment to action, the following principles will guide our actions and dictate our management practices. We recognize these principles as the standards we all share and that we should mutually accept.

Section A: Standards and Procedures

1. Conflicts of Interest
All employees must make appropriate business ...view middle of the document...

In order to share any confidential information with an outside party, an appropriate non-disclosure agreement should be executed accordingly to business procedures.

Section B: Ethics Training Program

At Company X, we value all of our employees, and strive to provide knowledgeable training to help with their success within the company. By taking part in a routinely scheduled ethical training, we encourage our employees and we support their strong work ethic. We recognize that by working together, our employees as well as our company will prosper and work to their full potential while meeting goals provided by the company.

1. New Hire Orientation
All new employees will go through a one week training program before continuing for their hired position.
i. Review Employee Handbook
1. Sexual Harassment
2. Code of Conduct
3. Policies and Procedures
ii. Shadow and observe supervisor to learn job function employee was hired for.

2. Quarterly Review and Assessment
Department managers will meet quarterly to review and confer the status quo of the company.
iii. Review Productivity
iv. Receive Feedback
v. Set Goals for Employee
4. Create plan to achieve goals

3. Yearly Meetings
Employees and company evaluations will done yearly to:
vi. Recount Successes
vii. Recognize Weaknesses
viii. Plan to improve on weaknesses

Section C: Employee Misconduct Protocols

As an employee of Company X, we want you to know that we have an open door policy to encourage openness, and for employees to ask questions whenever you are unsure about the right course of procedure. Our company cannot improve its commitment to act with integrity if individuals do not speak up when he/she should. Failure to raise concerns can cause harm to yourself, co-workers, the company, and customers and can result in disciplinary action up to and including termination. The purpose of disciplinary actions within Company X is to change inadequate performance to adequate performance, unsatisfactory behavior to satisfactory behavior, or to remove from the work force if the employee is not willing to make necessary changes. In order to uphold performances, it is necessary to monitor employees of their behavior and take action should misconduct occur.

1. Internet Monitoring
i. During company hours, everything our employees do matters. Conducting personal business on company property, such as computers will burden productivity, and web activity can expose the company network with malware.
1. IT staff will conduct monthly usage reports in search for any malware that can cause the Network any harm.
2. If any use of inappropriate usage is found, the...

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