Establish Consent For An Activity Or Action

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Reflective account of Inserting a Nasogastric Tube
I was asked to insert an NG tube into a patient in one of our side rooms. The patient was Nil by mouth due to severe vomiting. The patient was in a side room due to coming from another hospital, she had been screened for MRSA, until the result was back she would remain as in isolation. (Infection prevention control). I applied PPE, yellow apron and gloves outside of the room. I knocked on the door and introduced myself to the patient, I explained that she needed to have an NG tube inserted and that I would be doing the procedure, I asked the patient if she could confirm her name and date of birth and if she was happy to consent for me to do ...view middle of the document...

I then knocked on the door and went inside with Nurse in charge; I asked the patient if she minded the Nurse in charge being here to observe me doing the procedure, she replied she did not mind at all. I closed the door and pulled the curtain across the door (Patient Privacy and Dignity). I again explained to the patient what would be happening and was she still happy for me to go ahead with the procedure, she said yes.
I raised the bed to the level I was comfortable with, so I would not have to twist and bend my back to much, (Health and Safety) Manual Handling). I then sat the patient in a semi upright position with her head supported with a pillow. Before I started I asked the patient if she had every had any nasal surgery or if she had ever broken her nose, she said she had not. (I asked the question as I would not have wanted to cause unnecessary discomfort and would have gained the advice from a Dr before going any further. I explained to the patient I needed to shine my torch up each nostril to make sure there were no obstructions; both nostrils looked fine, I decided to go for the right nostril. I measure the tubing from the bridge of the patient’s nose across to the earlobes then to the point halfway between the lower end of the sternum and the naval, this measured 50 centimetres, I noted the distance for later on.
I opened all the equipment ready, I then informed the patient I would be starting the procedure but if at any time she experienced severe discomfort or pain to let me know and I would stop the procedure and withdraw the tube immediately. (If the patient were to gasp for breath or start coughing or become cyanosed or if the tube became coiled in the mouth I would withdraw immediately). I placed the tip of the tube into the water and then held the tube as though I was holding a dart, I gently started to pass the tube up the back of the right nostril and at this point I asked the patient to take a sip of water threw the straw and continued passing the tube past the pharynx, I rotated the tub on a couple of occasions, I tried to comfort the patient as I was going along, telling her she was doing really well. I continued advancing downwards with the tube (at no time did I or would I have forced the tube down). As soon as the tube was in at 50 centimetres I stopped. I then took a piece of...

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