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Establishing A Workforce Plan For A Proposed Integrated Health And Social Care Service In A North London Borough

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Establishing a Workforce Plan for a Proposed Integrated Health and Social care Service in a North London Borough
By DR Lekan Bello
Background and Rationale for the project
• Rationale for the research and identification of critical issues
• The topic should be defined and the organisation/industry context explained
• Supporting evidence for the investigation should be presented.
Terms of Reference
Techniques for collecting data
• An explanation of the research strategy
• Discussion of primary data collection
• Source of secondary data
• Research ethics
• Access arrangements
Time scale and Resources
• A plan of action and discussion of resource requirements
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Government enacted Acts in recent times to support its directive. The most current being ‘The Health and Social Care Act 2012’. The act sets out specific obligations for the health system and its relationship with care and support services, giving a duty to NHS England, clinical commissioning groups, health and wellbeing boards to make it easier for health and social care services to work together. (DOH 2013).
One of the major consequences of the proposed integrated care model is the need for a new look workforce since staff in the new service will be expected to learn to work differently from the way they were used to if the objectives of the integration are to be met (Leichsenring 2004). Besides, there are bound to be degrees of dilution of skills, with new roles and responsibilities emerging in the new service (Sibbald et al, 2013). Therefore, it is imminent that a fresh workforce planning will need to be conducted for the proposed integrated care service.
Definition of the consultancy topic.
This consultancy project aims to establish for the proposed integrated care service, a hypothetical short term (1-2 years) Workforce plan (WP). The plan will be linked to both organizations strategies for integrated care.
Reilly (1996), defined WP as a process in which an organisation attempts to estimate the demand for labour and evaluate the size, nature and sources of supply which will be required to meet that demand. Taylor (2005) described it as a process that ensures that the right people with the right competencies are in the right jobs at the right time.
It is hoped that the outcome of this project will serve as a baseline to support longer term planning for the proposed service workforce.

Description of merging organisations.
The ICO and LA are separate, large and complex organizations, they both have structures very much like Webbers bureaucracy (Burns and Stalker (1994)) but work under different cultures.
The ICO came into being through the merger of a large acute hospital and two defunct Primary Care Trusts (PCT). These PCTs operated from two neighbouring North London boroughs. The ICO is situated in the borough that is involved in this consultancy project.
The ICO operates with directorates, department and Teams. The Community Rehabilitation service (CRS) that is to be involved in the proposed integration is a multidisciplinary team, under the Medical and integrated care directorate of the organization. It is comprised of 10 Physiotherapists, 12 Occupational therapists, 4 Speech and Language therapists, 6 Rehabilitation assistants, 2 Nurses, 6 Social workers, 4 Clinical Psychologists, and a Consultant Geriatrician. The team provides medical rehabilitation services for older people in the community to promote independence, prevent unnecessary hospital admission and facilitate hospital discharge.
The Adult Social service (ASS), the service to be integrated with CRS, is a department under the direct management of a North...

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