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Ethnic Groups and Discrimination- Cherokee Indians


Ethnic Groups and Discrimination- Cherokee Indians
The Cherokee tribes settled around the Southeastern part of the United States, which consists of the Carolinas, Georgia, and Eastern Tennessee. It has been recorded that the tribe migrated to the Appalachian region in ancient times from the region of the Great Lakes after facing defeat at the hands of the Iroquois and Delaware tribes (Sultzman, 1996). Although many argue that such a tribe as big and powerful as the Cherokee, could not simply be moved. The “Five Civilized Tribes,” was a term the White man used to describe tribes that were civilized enough to communicate with ...view middle of the document...

The solution to the problem, in the eyes of Jackson, was to remove the Indians to the west of the Mississippi river. He said that he was protecting them and allowing the Indian tribes time to adjust to the white man’s culture, which would kick off a series of events known as “The Trail of Tears.” Which is a term used for the 10-year tenure in which over 70,000 Indians were forced to leave their homes and move to a designated area in Oklahoma. The living conditions were horrible not only because they had to walk all day; starvation, exhaustion, and disease were key players in many Indian deaths along the trail because they had to walk for the majority of the trip with little to no rest Studyworld (2010). The Indians that remained in Georgia had lesser rights and could not have a tribal legislature. When gold was found in Georgia, it happened to be in Cherokee territory. With the surge of prospectors rushing in to dig up the newfound gold, much of Cherokee property was destroyed and their crops ruined in the process. Many citizens of Georgia were invited to rob and plunder Cherokee lands, because the courts found it illegal for an Indian to bring a case against a white man. Before the end of the 1830s, the Five Civilized Tribes had signed over all of their lands to...

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