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Eth125 R7 Appendix I Essay

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Appendix I
Part I

Define the following terms:

Term Definition
Ageism This is like Stereotyping and/or discriminating against people or groups because of their age.
Baby boomer This is the group of folks there were called baby boomers following World War II era. They were born between 1944 and 1964.
Americans with Disabilities Act This was known as the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 this was a law that sets rules for the prevention of discrimination based on disability.
Visitability How well level of accessibility in order to meet Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines
Accessibility How well a physically challenged people I able to use the facility or place
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The program includes all there Medicare and Medicaid services that they have through their respective state. This organization provides all services that are determined to be necessary by a team of specialist. Basic services that are provided at the PACE center include primary care services, social services, restorative therapies, personal care and supportive services and meals. These Services will be available to all qualifying individuals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

• Is the number of gaining population expected to rise in numbers or decrease?

Nowadays we are all living in a world of huge demographic changes. We started out very slowly growing in history but now the population has doubled almost in the last century and we have reached 6 billion as of winter of 1999 and then in 2011 we surpassed 7 billion. Now this is because of a lower mortality rate and people are starting to live a longer life and younger populations are contributing to the rapid population growth. This growth though has it’s problem because all of this will take place in countries that are not as developed to handle the population serge and this will happen with the poorest populations because there lack of resources to do anything else but reproduce. With all these increased amount of people in the lower brackets this will cause a strain on the resources of multiple countries and ultimately can lead to a financial crash of the same systems that help these people.

• What types of legislation may or may not be affected by the aging population?

It is important that we take a look at the demographic which is now producing an increasingly older population here in America. One thing is being look at is if the United States can handle the amount of things that will change by having this larger pool and if the government will be able to change to the number of the population will cause on the essentials such as jobs, retirement, and pensions. With this it could affect the health and overall well-being of the older population. This older group is nearly impossible to define and label because they are such a diverse group of people and this diversity is the reason we need to build on are older generation as an influence on the future of United states as this country's past was on them.

• How does poverty affect the ageing population?

With the era of the baby boomers becoming older there will be a rise in multiple of the basic services that are required with the increase of age. The demand for health services will increase thus causing an increase in the money needed to supply that and long term care facilities will need to expand to cover the possibly of more occupants both these combined will cause a strain on the public spending in that budget. This will create a challenge for the funding of all the public services and with the increase in the pensions this will put pressure on families and friends to figure a way that they...

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