Ethic Case Study

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Ethic Case Study

BSB111 Business Law and Ethics

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Part A
1. Shop: The fruit and vegetable shop that is operated by Samantha is one of the major stakeholders in the business. Beth has been stealing food from the shop and there is a risk that can jeopardise the shop because it is already struggling to keep up.
2. Nathan: If Nathan doesn’t tell Samantha about Beth, there is a chance that Samantha will know about this in the future and if Samantha identified that Nathan knows about Beth he can be in a great risk of being fired. On the other hand, if Nathan does tell Samantha ...view middle of the document...

According to Low (2014, p. 389) “by following a maxim it becomes a universal law”. According to universal acceptability it can be define that the employees that are working in Samantha’s shop can take any goods or products from the shop just for their own benefits without paying or informing their owner. Should the employees tend to have this behaviour continuously, the economy and the customers of the shop would be greatly impacted and the employees would be blamed for illegal or if not unethical behaviour. Thus, according to the universal acceptability the maxim would be a failure and would be impermissible.
The next step of the categorical imperative is to apply the “respect” formulation. It is surely unethical for Nathan to not tell about the situation to his boss. It would be disrespectful if the employee’s behaviour is to take the products from the business without informing the boss beforehand. In this regard, it is believed that Beth is not respecting her boss despite having other circumstances.
Virtue Ethics
According to Fisher & Lovell (2013, p. 104). “Virtue ethics ensures that the individual is likely to make the right choice in any ethically complex situation.” It is identified that the appropriate virtue for this situation according to the table of Aristotle’s Moral virtues is ‘Self-control’ (Fished & Lovell, 2013, p, 105). Beth has been stealing foods from Samantha’s shop therefore this makes Beth deficient concerning to this matter.
Self-control is defined between two vices, which are indifference and greed (Fisher & Lovell, 2013, p. 105). Beth has stolen foods from Samantha just for her daughter benefits which make the vice excess to be ‘greed’. Thus this makes it unethical for Nathan to not tell that Beth has been stealing foods from the shop to Samantha.
Recommendations to Resolve Ethical Dilemma
It is in your own characteristics that you should decide. On this situation, it is hard to decide just solely on your perspective because no matter what happens there will be major consequences that will impact your life in the future from this situation. Regarding just solely based on Virtue and Kantian ethics alone, it is recommended for you to tell Samantha about the situation because it has the least consequences and more rewarding point of view. At this point of time, your duties are to work under your supervisor/manager which is Samantha. It is for you to comply with your duty and obligation to obey her because you are working under her. Obeying to your supervisor/manager may have negative consequences to your subordinates such as Beth but you are ethically required to comply with your supervisor.
On the other hand, utilitarianism can be applied in this case if you have a strong relationship with Beth. In other words, if you are close friends with her and should you break this relationship it will hurt you at the...

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