Ethic Groups Essay

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Ethnic groups in the population of interest:
Wenzhounese: Over the last decade, newer Chinese immigrants to France have largely originated from Northeast China (Dongbei). Their population as of 2010 was about 15,000. Women largely outnumber men among this Chinese community and often leave China for France in hopes of establishing new lives
Dongbei: Over the last decade, newer Chinese immigrants to France have largely originated from Northeast China (Dongbei). Their population as of 2010 was about 15,000. Women largely outnumber men among this Chinese community 

-What should my price be?
According to the normal prices of Chinese restaurants in France, a meal for a single ...view middle of the document...

Except those methods, we could distribute brochures in several universities, also corporate with them in order to attract the majority of our target customers, the students. The third method we could advertise via channels is the application of Zkungfu. In order to disseminate the products; even the "Zkungfu" brand, also to facilitate the online orders, it is necessary to develop in the field of application.
-How do I communicate my position to my customer clearly?
Doing advertisements, publicities and surveys to customers. Printing the brochure and the menus in order to simplify our service and easier for the customers understand our service. Instead of the starting a aimless advertisement and a blindness target menu, it is necessary to do some surveys at the beginning. It is better to know and to understand the demand of the main target customer of the fast food, for example, the way they prefer to order and the maximum and the minimum time of waiting duration they prefer.
-How do I get channels, customers, and suppliers to cooperate vs. complete?
-How much customer service is enough?
According to the marketing research of daily turnover of a physical store of Zkungfu, generally, a simple physical store which is located in the business district, such as in the railway station, airport and the business shopping area, the daily benefice is about 1.2 thousand dollars. However, considered population differences, the daily turnover forecast of physical store in France is

-How do I locate customers?
The mainly customers group is located in big cities, which is including the office workers and the normal employees, students and the family gathering.
-How do I get them to buy?
There are several experiences from McDonald's and KFC, which are most famous fast-food franchises in the World. In...

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