Ethical And Legal Responsibilities Essay

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Ethical and Legal Responsibilities
Jaconda Williams
Bauder College

What are the ethical and legal issues in this case? Include the nurses’ ethical and legal responsibilities.
The case of patient Patricia Newman is a complex situation involving ethical and legal issues. An ethical issue that the family is facing is the sudden onset of illness with their mother. Ms. Newman was initially hospitalized for pneumonia when she suddenly had a hemorrhagic stroke. As suspected the patient’s family received the news with mixed emotions and could not agree on a treatment plan. Ms. Newman’s son wanted his mother to be resuscitated in an attempt to save her live. The daughter on the other hand ...view middle of the document...

The nurse should act as a support and resource for the patient and family.
What resources does the nurse have in managing this patient’s care?
The nurse can support the patient and family by collaborating with other healthcare specialists such as case management, hospice, and rehab facilities. The nurse can also be supportive of the patient and family by offering clergy for prayers and support. The nurse should be supportive by listening and being an advocate for the patient. The nurse is expected to be knowledgeable about end-of life decisions to assist in offering options to the patient.
What family and psychosocial issues impact the nursing care of this patient?
The family and psychosocial issues that impact Ms. Newman’s care are the sudden onset of illness. Many times when a person becomes ill there is nothing in writing about final wishes and plan of care. Ms. Newman’s children obviously care a lot for their mother so making a final decision for her is very difficult. The son was adamant that he did not want a DNR order for his mother. He wanted everything possible to be done to save his mother. The daughter on the other hand believed her mother had suffered enough and believed everything possible was done for Ms. Newman. This ongoing battle with the patient’s family can cause a shift from the care of the patient to a family feud. At the end of the day...

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