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Ethical Arguments On Abortion Essay

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Debates on abortion continue to circle around the question if it is morally right to terminate a pregnancy before birth. Deliberately terminating pregnancy is similar to killing a person. With that, some people think abortion is completely wrong, yet some people think there are cases of which abortion can be considered or morally accepted.The main premise is that killing or terminating life is wrong, and this morally concludes that abortion, wherein a fetus or life is terminated during pregnancy is wrong. Some mothers who got unwanted pregnancy cause by rape, or unplanned pregnancy consider abortion due to many personal reasons. Pregnancies caused by rape [1] are often emotionally and ...view middle of the document...

A similar case is when a mother experiences an accident and a similar dilemma is presented, that is to protect which life.Another difficult case is when there are multiple pregnancies. This happens when there are too many fetuses in the womb that decrease the probability of survival of all, the babies and including the mother. This is the case of twins, triplets, quadruplets and other multiple pregnancies. This medical problem often presents the option of abortion for the sake of keeping the other fetuses alive.Another case is the dilemma posed by a conjoined twin. There are situations that science determines the need to separate and risk one of them. This is akin to the common situation of mountaineers facing a deadly fall. On difficult decisions, one has to cut the rope supporting a fallen climber in order to save one's life, rather than losing both [2].We know that a person has a right of its own life and some parents consider abortion for personal reasons. For example, some parents consider abortion because of an unplanned pregnancy that would affect or lower their lifestyle [3]. Some blame ineffective contraception methods, and some because of unwanted sex of a child. Some mothers or the parents cannot take care or support the child. These reasons, though we know that each and one of us has individual right, we could argue that putting in mind that killing is wrong and the importance of life, these children, if parents cannot support, can be adopted by other people. There are couples who cannot bear children and adopting is their only...

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