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Ethical Consumerism Body Shop Essay

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A business intervention and technology advances the urge for ethic and corporate responsibility has gained vast attention. Consumers are more educated about what impact products have on human, animal and environment protection, hence the urge for ethical consumerism increases. In this report the ethical consumerism of the Body shop who is a subsidiary of LOreal groups was examined, critically analysed. Some of the various products that are categorised ...view middle of the document...


Ethical consumerism is, the way in which products and services are produced that does not have a negative impact on society nor does not it create damage to the environment and human health. Ethically made products should not be harmful to the environment, they should be not exploitation of humans and or human labour which includes fair trading e.g. child labour and production plant distributing hazardous waste.
Consumers are getting more and more interested in ethically produced goods and services as it shows the company’s carbon footprint. Carbon footprint (CO2) is the total amount of greenhouse gases emission which a company produces (during a particular production cycle) that results from its activities. Producing too much CO2 can be harmful to the environment and the population. Therefore companies have a duty of care to practice carbon footprint reduction cycles to ensure safety of the environment. (, 2014)

Examples of some ethically produced products.
* Hybrid cars - which are generated to produce low level of CO2 emission distribution.
* Organic products – e.g. organic milk, cheese, free range chicken. These can be seen at supermarkets and other local shops.
* Anti allergy clothing e.g. bed linen, pillows, blankets and sweaters
* Energy efficient light bulbs

The core operation of every business is to achieve excellent value chain. Therefore it is the desire and objective of every business whether small or large to achieve customer satisfaction, enhance reputation and maximise profitability. During the process of achieving these objectives the business have to consider ethical consumerism because it lies at the core of a business’s success since the launch of numerous ethical consumer funds and campaigns globally. There is also a substantial demand by consumers for fair traded goods and services which exerts pressure on business to participate in the ethical consumerism practice so as to achieve positive social and environment benefits. Regulatory bodies have also introduced regulations with statutory disclosure entailing ethical consumerism practice, for example the EIRIS 2002 (Irving et, al, 2002). Consumers have strong bargain power and are essential to the success of any business. Consumers also have a variety of choices of products and manufacture readily available to them. Therefore it is important that businesses are capable of detecting what its’ consumer needs and expectations are, so as to develop effective value chain. Global competitions are increasing dramatically due to consumer perception, because consumers may decide to buy locally manufactured product because of safety and familiarity, which can affect overseas businesses negatively. Hence ethical and sustainability practice are essential in competitive advantage when consumer value rely on them (Uusitalo and Oksanen, 2004).
Consumer ethical...

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