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Ethical Dilemma Essay

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Ethical Dilemma
Jenah Robles
Ethics 445
Chamberlain College of Nursing
October 30, 2015

In this paper I will examine two of the Three Primary School of Ethics using cared based and end based theories to solve the dilemma. The dilemma: A married couple, both addicted to drugs, is unable to care for their infant daughter. She is taken from them by court order and placed in a foster home. The years pass. She comes to regard her foster parents as her real parents. They love her as they would their own daughter. When the child is 9 years old, the natural parents, rehabilitated from drugs, begin court action to regain custody. The case is decided in their favor. The child is returned to them, against her will.
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Years pass, and the daughter is now 9 years old. Her foster parents raised her well and they loved her as if she was their own. The married couple is now rehabilitated from drugs and wants their child back, and the case is decided in their favor.
I’ve also chose end-based theory because it examines the possible results and picks the one that produces the most blessing over the greatest results. The child was taken away from her parents at the early years of her life and was placed in a foster home. The sole purpose of a foster home is to protect children who have been neglected, abused, or is in need of a safe nurturing home for temporary period of time. The average age for children in foster care is 9 years old. In this case, I could see why the court decided to regain custody in their favor. The child is 9 years old and therefore is still a minor and does not quite have a say in this situation. It would have been a different story if the daughter had been adopted into a family because they would not have been allowed to regain custody of their daughter after a certain period of time.
I feel that the two schools of ethics are worthy of use in real life dilemmas

Solve the dilemma using any two of the following Three Primary Schools of Ethics we discuss this week from our assigned reading. (Ends based, Rules based, or Care based).
 Explain the similarities and differences in your two solutions to the same dilemma.
 State (and justify) whether you feel the two schools of ethics are worthy of use in "real life" dilemmas.
 Do you feel that Aristotle would have approved of either of your solutions? Why or why not?

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