Ethical Framework In Practice Essay

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Applying Ethical Framework in Practice
Jaclyn Hughes
Grand Canyon University: NRS-437V
August 21, 2011

Applying Ethical Framework in Practice
Patient confidentiality is one thing that cannot be breached nor as a patient that you would want to be breached. In this day and age as healthcare professionals it is a very fine line of what breaching confidentiality is. We all want to know that when we are sick and in the hospital, the one thing that we can keep personal is our privacy which would include our health information. It is hard to imagine that in a state of vulnerability that some things must be disclosed to certain ...view middle of the document...

For teaching purposes we can use examples of situations but under no circumstances can we disclose their personal information. Informed consent implies the freedom to accept or reject the sharing of the patient’s medical information. This allows the patient the autonomy to make their own decision. The sharing of medical information to third parties without the patient’s consent can lead to legal ramifications and loss of trust from the patient.
When we are faced with an ethical dilemma it is hard not to become emotional and subjective. There are five ethical principles that help nurses make ethical decisions based on the pros and cons of a certain situation. The five principles include: nonmaleficence: to protect patients safety, beneficence: protection of harm and discomfort, autonomy: freedom to make your own choices, privacy/confidentiality: the right to control personal information, and justice: fairness and equality (Silva & Ludwick, 1999). When approaching an ethical dilemma a nurse should evaluate the situation by using the five ethical principles.
The ethical dilemma that was presented in the article happened to be between the nurse and two underage teenage girls. This situation called for breach of confidentiality between the nurse and the patient due to the child’s diagnosis. If the nurse did not speak up the diagnosis would be harmful to the girls that were involved. The nurse had to speak up in order for the child to get the right treatment and follow up care that was needed, but she did not need to disclose the information to the school system. This particular situation needed to be handled between the child, the mother, and the sex partners not the entire school system (Nathanson, 2011).
Using the ethical decision-making model I would articulate the problem: which is the two teenage girls one with the diagnosis of HPV and the other with cervical cancer that will both need follow up care. Gather data: The two girls are under age, both will be unable to do follow up care without the consent of a parent. Explore strategies: They will have to be reported to the health department because of HPV being a communicable disease, the sex partners will have to be informed to help decrease the spread of the communicable disease. Implementing the strategies: Report the communicable disease to the health department. Give emotional, psychological, and social support to the patients and families involved. With collaboration from the health department nurse, the school nurse, the healthcare team, and the superintendent to reinforce education to the students about the use of vaccines, safe sex, and the importance of abstinence. Evaluating outcomes: This would include whether there was a need for further follow up...

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