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Ethical Issue On Human Cloning Essay

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ETHICAL ISSUE ON HUMAN CLONING In our contemporary world science has so developed that it has almost taken the place of God, something’s that are exclusively the reserve of God has been ventured into by science, one of such issues is CLONING, the latest bio-technological development that deals with the cloning of human being. This development has generated a lot of controversy. In this work attempt would be made to expose the ethical issues involved in human cloning. Cloning could mean producing two or more persons that are the same, and function exactly the same like the original person simultaneously, and could be used to replace the exact original person that was duplicated. The first human cloning took place in September 1993, at ...view middle of the document...

Ethically it is wrong to have two different individuals that have the same capability in I.Q., character, complexion, technological ability, and everything etc to exist the same time, this would arise to problem of mistaken identity, also it has negate the natural law of nature, even in the case of identical twins there are still medical means of differentiating them, but in the case of cloned persons the case cannot be said to be the same, nature has design every human person to be different from each other, hence the unique characteristic that could not even be shared by identical twins or children from the same biological parents. Cloning would on its own destroy the value of death, death has its own role to play in the human society, but with the cloning of persons the dead can always be replaced there by causing social problem for those who believed in ancestral practice and the existence of spirits. It would lead to over population since most people who died are cloned and people are still giving birth this would lead to over congestion that can lead to food shortage and other effect that could lead to the degradation of the human race, it would lead to cheap labour since the skill that is supposed to be acquired by one person can now be duplicated. Cloning can and is the murder of nature, since it has gone against the natural law of nature on reproduction and uniqueness of an individual as such price list will soon be ascribed to cloned human beings The entire project of cloning is a sky-serious job. It cannot be liken to other aspects of science, this is because it affects us directly since it deals directly with the human person, our lives and understanding and the entire future of mankind.

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