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The United States have been concerned with the unnecessary use of force by law enforcement agencies and security officers. This issues continues to happen in our state, county, and local law enforcement agencies. These issues need to be address and our society are looking for answers. Law enforcement officers and security duties are to service and protect the citizens. Although, they have power and authority, it is unethical to abuse that power and authority with illegal use of force. Hates crimes and racial profiling are examples of use of force issues citizens’ face in our society. It can sometimes be violent acts intended to harm, hurt, or intimidate someone because of their race, ...view middle of the document...

Once police officers are on the scene they will diffuse the situation. 2) Verbalization is used by officers in a calm and nonthreatening ways. The only way the officer may get loud or demanding if he or she ask a suspect or person to stop or not to move. 3) Empty-hand control occurs when the officer use bodily force to gain control. This technique will involve grabs, holds, and joint locks to restrain a person. Harsh techniques might involve punches or kicks to restrain a person. 4) Less- Lethal methods involves the officer using less- lethal techniques to gain control. This use of force could be blunt impact, such as a baton for a person that is combative. The officer may use pepper stray, a chemical method or they can use CED’s which is a Conducted Energy device that discharge a high volt and jolt of electricity from a distance. 5) Lethal force involves the use of a lethal weapon to control the situation. The officer can use a firearm if the suspect poses a serious threat to the officer or other people.
Law enforcement and security agencies have to be in training to learn use of force techniques. This training develops the ability to employ the use of force effectively, efficiently, and lawfully. Officers went through a field training program called (PTO) Police Training Officer, which prepares officers of community policing and...

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